A New Year Means a New Corporate Gifting Strategy  

As the new year kicks off, organizations should begin to consider how they will reward their employees and executives over the next 12 months. It’s important for managers to come together as the year starts and devise a strategy that boosts workplace morale, encourages employee loyalty, and leaves workers feeling accomplished and acknowledged. In short, companies should spend time figuring how they can celebrate the individuals who make the workplace a success.

Creating a corporate gift-giving strategy in advance allows organizations to plan out how many engraved awards they’ll have to budget for, how often there will be recognition events, and what exactly employees will be receiving. Each organization has different policies and expectations when it comes to awards, gifts, and recognition ceremonies. What is consistent, however, is the nature and design of corporate gifts. Consider what employees have previously received for hitting milestones, such as awards for top sales awards or receiving the title of employee of the month.

Make Employee Awards Unique with This Simple Trick

A key portion of the corporate gift-giving strategy is to ensure that all awards are personalized. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the recognition award has to be tailor-made for the recipient – that can be a time-consuming challenge. Instead, the best way to make a corporate gift feel unique and evoke feelings of joy and success is to have it engraved. All employee award ideas become unique when gifts are engraved with the recipient’s name and distinction.

Finding The Right Corporate Gifts for Employees

Employee award ideas need to match the event or reason for celebrating. A quality strategy will determine the moments where employees need to be rewarded. The event or accomplishment should directly reflect the corporate gift that is given. Employees can be rewarded multiple times a year or just once, depending on the organization’s needs.

Several companies hold recognition events at the end of the year, usually coupled with a holiday party. Because employees haven’t been rewarded all year, it may make sense to give workers one larger, premium award, such an engraved glass gift. This can include an engraved glass award thanking them for their dedication, or a premium wine decanter. Some companies may prefer to reward in small bursts throughout the year. This is when practical, desk-oriented corporate gifts like personalized clocks and engraved pens can come in handy. Though these gifts are brilliant in their own right, they may not come across as well as crystal plaques or awards if gifts are only given once a year.

Gift-Giving Events, Ceremonies, and Titles to Consider

Employees love to be awarded and recognized for their accomplishments. A corporate gift-giving strategy should incorporate the needs of employees as much as possible. Finding excuses to make employees feel special throughout the year can pay dividends in terms of employee loyalty and productivity being boosted.

Top Sales Awards Ideas

An organization with a dedicated sales team should consider the benefits that can come with giving out a monthly or quarterly top sales award. A quality top sales award should be something that employees can both brag about and genuinely want for themselves. Consider luxury corporate gifts, like personalized crystal clocks. A corporate award such as this will incentivize sales members to work harder and deliver larger results. In return, they will receive a top sales award that can freely show off.

Employee of the Month Awards Keep Workers Engaged

Employee of the month is also a valuable title worth bestowing upon workers. This will incentivize workers to make each month as special as the last, allowing them the opportunity to provide stellar results each month. Workers can receive a medley of gifts depending on the organization’s budget. Personalized corporate gifts can include engraved pens, barware, or desk accessories. Another idea to consider is installing an employee of the month perpetual plaque. This way, everyone in the company will know who the top employee is. Seeing a large perpetual plaque in a common area which can feature their name can motivate employees to work harder and create a healthy sense of competition.

Other Ways to Give Corporate Gifts

Some organizations prefer having gift-giving or recognition ceremonies quarterly. These events can be a great way to highlight all sorts of employees and their accomplishments. Because they’re frequent, employees can receive smaller, more intimate gifts, such as engraved nameplates or photo frames to take home. Quarterly or monthly events can also be a great time to give out company swag, such as company-branded stress balls or engraved glass gifts like barware. These small gifts should still be treated as awards.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Traditional Awards & Plaques

The definition of corporate gifts continues to evolve. Yes, employees like practical gifts that are work-place oriented, with a particularly preference for awards that make their lives more meaningful. Sometimes, especially when a major accomplishment has happened, employees deserve gifts that specifically target their need for praise.

This is where engraved plaques and awards come in. Traditional gifts, such as art glass awards or acrylic plaques are awards that specifically highlight key accomplishments. Have these gifts engraved with the recipient’s name, distinction, and the company’s logo. These will be gifts that they’ll remember and cherish, even after they move on from their position. Gifts like engraved acrylic achievement awards and crystal plaques also make for great personalized retirement gifts.

There are a wide array of personalized corporate gifts that employees can receive this upcoming year. Before searching for employee award ideas, organizations should first determine the frequency of gift-giving, as well as the intentions behind them.