We Set the Quality Standard in Board of Directors Retirement Clocks

Give The Gift of Time

When someone serves on the directors’ board of a corporation or non-profit, they’re giving their valuable hours to the guidance and betterment of the organization. Serving on a board can be a difficult, time-consuming endeavor but one that’s endlessly rewarding. After all, you’re dedicating precious time to a vision that’s far larger than you. And that gift of their talents and time deserves to be recognized with a unique corporate gift they’ll remember long after stepping down from their duties. Naturally, you’ll want to reward something that reminds them of the time on the board, so what more fitting and unique corporate gift to honor a time well served than a distinctive retirement clock?

That’s why board of directors’ retirement clocks make timeless gifts, perfect for honoring a distinguished career. It cannot be understated how important it is to provide individuals with unique corporate gifts that hold daily, practical value.

Which Personalized Clock is Right for Your Retiree?

Each individual is special and has their own unique tastes, which is why we provide a variety of personalized clocks to choose from. Each conveys respect and prestige, ideal for gracing a home desk in the golden years of retirement. Our clocks make memorable retirement gifts for executives, board of directors, or any employee who deserves something special and worth remembering.

Choose from a variety of classic, personalized options like metal clocks, wood clocks, glass clocks, and Waterford clocks – any one of them a fine adornment for mantelpiece or desk. Consider the taste and style of the recipient, which would look the best on their desk? A retirement gift can’t be given twice, which is why it’s important to stick the landing on the first try.

No clock can truly be personalized unless it features a unique engraving that boasts the accomplishments of the recipient. We understand how important it is to make each stand-out, which is why our clocks and awards are flawlessly engraved by our master engraving artists as Gilson’s, setting the standard in professional engraving since 1974.

Lasting Timeless Quality

At Gilson’s Executive Awards, we believe quality is timeless. Each of our awards is made from the best materials to truly be a work of art that endures. We set a higher standard than most companies by creating an award that will truly be remembered and serve as a prestigious commendation for a job well done.

And though we believe in creating ageless awards designed to last forever, we also understand the importance of spontaneity when bestowing an award. Calls for retirement can be abrupt but we welcome any opportunities to create excellence fast. Simple engraving can be done in as little as a day and shipped back. Ideally, we like to allow for at least one stage of proofing to ensure absolute excellence. If the occasion calls for it, however, we’re happy to accommodate nearly any deadline.

When it comes time to finding the right retirement gifts for members of your Board of Directors, consider timeless, personalized clocks. You’ll want to provide a timepiece that can stand the test of time and reminds the retiree of the beautiful moments they shared shaping a unique corporate vision.