Create an Impression with a Custom Engraved Business Card Holder for Desk

Your business card is your identity. It’s designed to create an impression, a token of yourself you can give to a potential client in order to be better remembered and make a connection.

To make a truly memorable impression, a custom engraved business card holder for your desk suggests a level of professionalism that’s appropriate to get the relationship off on the right foot.

And the more individualized and stylized the card holder, the greater the impression. At Gilson’s Executive Awards, we can create uniquely made to order business card holders that give exceptional presentation when meeting new clients.

We start with the finest materials – marble, silver, brass, cedar or bamboo, to create a memorable impression. We can then custom engrave each item, including any unique logos, personalization, or artistic renderings you prefer. Create something that is unique to you, its own work of art, to showcase your business card.

Personally Stylized to the Last Detail

We’re not an ecommerce site. Everything we create is uniquely tailored to our clients’ specifications, down to the smallest detail. We strive for perfection. The process will be quick, simple, and satisfying, guaranteed.

We have a rapid turnaround policy. Most work is custom engraved and shipped within a day. We pride ourselves on speed, quality, and precision, delivering a flawlessly engraved product that will create a lasting impression.

Need It Now?

Gilson’s understands when time is of the absolute essence. If you need something now, we can accommodate. We have mastered the custom engraved awards and executive gift space for the last 40 years. We know how to deliver superior craftsmanship with brisk efficiency. We can accommodate nearly any deadline, and do so with exceptional quality.

Simple engraving can be done in as little as a day and shipped. While we prefer to allow for at least one step in the proofing process in order to ensure absolute quality, we are happy to meet any deadline you require. The result will be a beautifully engraved business card holder, customized to your exact specifications. We have earned a reputation for quality in this business, and we continue to maintain that level while still delivering your order with expert efficiency.