Ditch The Gift Cards or Flowers – Employees Deserve Personalized Gifts

When it comes to unique corporate gifts, employees will be hard-pressed to find any. The most hardworking and loyal workers often receive gift cards, flowers, or generic gift baskets that don’t fit to their interests. While gift cards are a decent corporate gift, they lack a personal taste and touch. In the eyes of the receiver, they can come off as lazy. Flowers are a great accompaniment to a more unique corporate gift but should never be the showstopper. As for gift baskets, employers will have to do a decent amount of research and digging to find one that speaks to their employees needs.

Some of the offerings listed above are easy to procure and don’t require much effort. However, employers should strive to provide gifts that are wholly unique. Personalized trophies and awards provide a sense of accomplishment and pride to the recipients. When someone’s hard work and dedication is recognized with an engraved award, it shows that their efforts have been noticed and appreciated. This can be a powerful motivator and can help to boost morale and confidence, especially during low points. A physical corporate gift serves as a reminder of past achievements. During stressful moments, they can look back on their achievements and remember just how hard they worked to get to the current point.

Recognition Award Ideas

If you’re looking for recognition award ideas beyond gift card or fruit baskets, consider just how great a personalized trophy or award would look on the recipient’s desk. From engraved acrylic awards to eye-popping crystal plaques, the possibilities are endless if you opt for a traditional recognition award. While these awards don’t serve a practical purpose, they’re unique because they feature the recipient’s name. The gift itself is attached to a particular achievement or event. Employers should have all awards and trophies engraved with a brief message thanking or congratulating the employee. A gift like this can shine brightly on a desk or shelf in the office, or can be taken home.

Personalized trophies and awards can be a great way to build team spirit and camaraderie. When a team or group is recognized with a special award, it can help to create a sense of unity and pride among the members. If looking for recognition award ideas for a group, consider art glass awards. Made of glass, these awards come in various different shapes and sizes. Employees can compare their different awards, which can make for some exciting moments.

Engravable Desk Accessories

Employers who don’t want to give out personalized trophies and awards have their own set of options. Sometimes giving out awards and plaques can feel tacky, but that doesn’t mean employees don’t deserve gift that are tailor-made for them. A great practical and unique corporate gift idea is desk card holder. Meant to fit business cards for various clients or as a vehicle for others to take theirs, a desk card holder can be engraved with the recipient’s name, making it a truly special desk accessory.

Another great recognition award idea is a set of engraved pens. Not only are they a thoughtful gift, but they’re also practical. By having the awardee’s name engraved on the pen, you are giving them a gift that will always be theirs, even if they move on from your company, making it something they’ll cherish forever. High-quality and premium pens can also help promote your company’s brand. It would be wise to use such engraved pens in front of key clients. Engraved pens are also gifts for clients, contractors, and those who operate outside of your organization.