Employees who are Less Stressed do Better Work

Okay, there’s a lot going on right now. The kids are back to school, COVID’s still not over, and many offices have no idea what blend of at-home and in-person scheduling to decide on. On top of normal workplace stresses like rude coworkers, hard deadlines, quotas, etc, it’s kind of a lot. We know that statistics unequivocally show that giving corporate gifts to your employees, or awarding them with trophies and plaques for accomplishments are both great ways to boost morale. But those are events – moments in time. Yeah, you could broaden your term of “accomplishment” and starting handing out awards for virtually everything, but you’d run out of recognition award ideas, and your employees would start wondering what all those trophies and plaques are really worth. Nobody likes participation ribbons.

So, what to do while we’re waiting around to see how bad all this is going to get with the Delta variant on the loose? Here are some sites with dozens of ideas for how you can make your workplace a calm, positive environment and better manage your employees’ stress levels:

(Note: We do have to be a bit careful with how we implement the “be social” suggestions for now.)