Employees Who are Less Stressed do Better Work

Times are clearly difficult right now. Children are back in school, the pandemic continues to change our lives, and many offices have little to no direction as to how they want to blend in-person and remote work. In general, life can be quite stressful outside of the workplace. With Add in normal workplace stresses like rude coworkers, hard deadlines, quotas, etc. and employees can feel burnt out the moment they return to the office.

As an employee, it’s important to find easy and practical ways to reduce stress in the workplace. The less anxious, exhausted, and worried your employees are, the more they will be able to contribute. It’s impossible to control what’s happening outside of the workplace but on the inside, that’s completely up to you.

How To Keep Employees Less Stressed

There are a variety of ways managers can help their employees feel less stressed at work. Perhaps the most important thing executives can do is ensure that work-life balance is a constant throughout the year. Encourage staff to take regular and frequent breaks, especially during peak periods. During moments of stress or high expectations, try and promote open communication by having open-door policies and frequent “town hall” meetings where concerns can be addressed. Beyond that, consider the value that comes with rewarding employees in a frequent manner.

We know that statistics unequivocally show that giving corporate gifts to your employees, or awarding them with trophies and plaques for accomplishments are both great ways to boost morale. How can you find employee award ideas? Or rather, how can you, as an employer, find practical ways to make employees feel recognized through personalized trophies and awards?

Recognition Events Can Lessen Stress During Peak Performance Periods

Consider the busiest times of the year. Maybe it’s the end of the year, or perhaps at the end of every fiscal quarter. Each workplace is different but there’s one guarantee: work can sometimes get tough and burnout is extremely common. When moments like these arrive, take the time and host a recognition event where employees receive their very own personalized trophies and awards. By reminding employees through corporate awards that their hard work is valued, they’ll gain a sense of momentum and acknowledgement, putting more effort into their work.

Consider treating employees to a dinner and awards ceremony, where they’re given the likes of glass trophies and awards that they can proudly display in their office or at home. If your organization fully remote? Take an hour out of work to celebrate employee accomplishments and ship out personalized clocks or desk accessories that they can use at their home workstation. Employees will appreciate the gesture and the corporate gifts they receive will motivate them during tough times. Beyond that, receiving engraved, personalized tokens of appreciation will always remind employees of the fruits of their labor. This is precisely why personalized trophies and awards are so important.

Incorporate Perpetual Plaques into The Workplace

In the same vein as recognizing employees with corporate gifts that leave them feeling excited and valued, employers should consider the value in annual or monthly acknowledgments. Think “Employee of the Month” or “Top Salesperson” titles to bestow upon the most valuable and hardworking employees. The best way to create this acknowledgement is through perpetual plaques which loudly display an individual’s efforts in the designated category. Have large perpetual plaques displayed in a common area where employees can discuss their goals and congratulate winners. Implementing perpetual plaques in how employees are rewarded is a great investment as it drives engagement in the workplace. Those who receive the distinction will be less stressed, while others can work hard and imagine their name displayed on the large perpetual plaque.