Engraved Awards Let Medical Grads Know They’re Appreciated

With COVID-19 turning the whole world upside down, many men and women who are going through medical training have had their educational journey disrupted. Some of them are entering the front lines of health care earlier than they had expected, in order to help meet the increased demand for medical services.

The contributions made by physicians and medical trainees are especially valued at a time like the present, but many medical graduates have missed out on the proud tradition of commencement and degree-granting ceremonies due to the pandemic. That’s all the more reason to formally recognize their milestone accomplishments with an engraved award.

Whether you’re thanking one med school graduate or fellow, or many, an engraved award, trophy or plaque will remind them that their sacrifices and their long journey to become a fully qualified healer was well worth it, and does not pass unnoticed or uncelebrated.

It’s never too late to celebrate the accomplishments of new doctors. While COVID-19 continues to leave its mark on the world, many institutions have resumed in-person celebrations, especially for those medical graduates who received their distinction during the early days of the virus. An engraved token of appreciation would speak volumes, especially to those who entered their medical fellowships during the turbulent time and have now become masters in taking care of others.

You can use an engraved message to convey something unique, that calls to mind the particular circumstances of the recipient’s graduation or fellowship appointment. Or you can simply commemorate the occasion, along with the recipient’s name and new title. Think how impactful an award could be in their day-to-day. How about an engraved pen they can write prescriptions or notes with or an acrylic award they can proudly place on their desk. Whatever the specific gift, the core message will be the same: Thank you. Be aware that you’ve accomplished something noteworthy and valuable, and you deserve to be just as proud of yourself as others are of you.