Engraved Coasters & Drinkware Will Have That Conference Table Covered

We have it on good authority that the drink coaster as we now know it dates back to the late 19th century, when a German printing firm first brought out a line of little cardboard circles meant to be placed under drippy mugs of beer. Not long afterwards, a competitor reportedly improved on the design by making coasters out of more durable wood pulp. Predictably enough, the absorbent little drink mats were soon doubling as miniature billboards to advertise brewing companies’ different fermented libations.

On that note, the earliest reported sightings of mugs and other drinkware are from 10,000 BC. Though coasters are a response to protecting tables, we’ve been drinking since the dawn of man. As society and technology have advanced, we use drinking vessels for any situation. At home to drink water, coffee at the office, or pints at the pub.

Coasters Are Still Coasting By

Nowadays, of course, the coaster isn’t just a barroom accessory; you might just as well pop one under a glass of lemonade or cup of coffee at home, to protect your nice wooden tabletop. Some people even make a hobby of collecting coasters – and in case you were wondering, these people are known as tegestologists (from the Latin teges, for “covering or mat”).

The tradition of emblazoning coasters with a message, image or logo remains with us. And if you’re looking for a distinctive gift for a corporate boardroom, a set and holders is one that you can expect will be put to ongoing use by its recipients. A quality set of sturdy ceramic tile coasters, in your choice of colors and engraved with the appropriate corporate insignia, will make a classy addition to any conference table.

Engraved Barware Unifies the Boardroom

Just as coasters are a great way to boost your brand’s presence, engraved bar and drinkware serves a practical but unifying purpose. If you’re looking for a personalize corporate gift, an engraved mug is a fantastic choice. Everyone loves having coffee at the office, so why not use that communal drinking experience to make your brand even louder. Employees love personalized gifts that are also practical, making drinkware one of the best choices. Not only will employees love the idea of high-quality mugs and cups to use day in and day out, but having an entire boardroom, meeting, or office filled with cups that boast your company’s name is a great way to create synergy and unity, proving that everyone is part of the same mission.

Many companies have also started to install in-office taps and bars, making drinking a part of work culture. Instead of opting for generic pint glasses, utilize this opportunity to create engraved barware such as pitchers, which can boast your company’s motto and logo. Now, every beer or drink poured is in service of a larger goal that goes beyond profit-making. Employees adore the idea of working for a company with an identity. Just imagine the comradery that’s possible when staff members are drinking from glasses that signify a purpose.

Company Swag Has to Evolve

As times change, so must the gifts that companies provide to their loyal staff. Gone are the days of gifting generic t-shirts and cheap, branded dollar-store products. Employees expect quality products from their companies. The best way to do so is to tap into a company’s culture and find personalized corporate gifts that appeal to everyone. Even if drinking is not a part of your company culture, engraved barware is still a fantastic take home gift that workers can enjoy outside of work. Bar and drinkware make for great engraved Christmas gifts for employees.    Remember, gifts don’t just have to service the office. You should feel pride in knowing that your corporate gifts serve a purpose outside of work, as it reminds employees just how fantastic their workplace is.