Engraving Transforms a Commonplace Writing Tool

Who wears a wind-up wristwatch these days? Many of us now choose to tell time with our cell phones, and if we do wear a timepiece on our wrist, it’s most likely to be a battery-powered, computerized “smart watch.” In fact, Apple is selling more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry, but that doesn’t mean the old ways are dying.

However, companies such as Rolex and Patek Phillipe still make and sell watches with old-fashioned mechanical winding stems – some of them in the price range of single-family homes. Rolex is still boasting high sales as smart competitors continue to dominate the industry. People still buy these watches and wear them because they’re more than just tools for telling time. They’re also expertly crafted machines, striking pieces of jewelry, and visual declarations of the wearer’s identity. If telling time were all that was required of them, a $20 battery watch would do the trick just as well.

Engraved clocks are still extremely popular gift choices in the workplace. As we become more dependent on technology, a part of us still finds joy with the mechanical, old-school side of things. Most tech has become homogenous, with several ecosystems and OS’ looking practically alike, it’s difficult to differentiate one piece of tech to another. With physical, luxurious gifts, recipients find joy in how unique they are. While the traditional watch and clock industry is living proof that buyers will still flock for expertly crafted machines, many have ignored the lasting power of the pen.

The Power Of The (Engraved) Pen

With digital notetaking in both the workplace and school, you’re safe to be under the impression that pens have gone by the way of the dinosaur. But pens are still beautiful works of art that continue to live on like traditional watch industry. Every office has a drawer filled generic ballpoint pens, but they don’t have the personal, traditional touch that many want. As physical writing becomes rarer and in turn, more intimate, a plastic pen just won’t cut it. That being said, a plastic ballpoint stick pen meets all the basic requirements for a writing tool but people enjoy the feeling that comes from writing with a finely crafted, well-balanced pen made of wood or metal – and it’s even better when it’s got the writer’s name or title engraved on the barrel.

What value does engraving have? Engraving a pen signals rarity and personality. Something that is engraved, whether it be a pen, glass award, or clock, feels far more special than something boilerplate. Those who receive an engraved pen will be more likely to use it than a typical plastic pen, especially when writing is so rare these days. You can elevate something as basic as a pen into an elegant, luxurious corporate gift the moment you engrave it with the initials of the recipient. It’s a unique gift that they’ll take with them everywhere, as they’ll be able to jot down notes or sign papers with their very own, one-of-a-kind utensil.

Top quality, personalized pen sets have long been a distinctive gift item to give to people ranging from corporate executives to new high school or college graduates. Presented with a desk holder or packaged in a gift box, it’s hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t be delighted to receive one. In a time where traditional writing is becoming rare, gifting something personalized will stand out. You’ll help keep the old ways alive, all the while making someone pleased with a corporate gift that feels wholly personal.