Finding the Right Personalized Gifts for Christmas and Holiday Office Parties

The Holidays are both a wonderful and a stressful time, and maybe no place more so than the office. One of the most difficult tasks executives and managers have, on top of their regular duties, is finding inclusive and unique, personalized gifts for Christmas. Obviously, we want to acknowledge this season of celebration in a personal way, but it also needs to be professional. So, to inspire your own search, here are 5 ideas for personalized gifts for Christmas and the Holidays:

  1. Host a big Holiday dinner. Ideas for employee awards don’t always have to be trophies and plaques. As great as physical tokens are, a celebratory dinner can be a bonding experience for everyone to have a big potluck dinner hosted by the boss at their home.
  2. A great personalized Christmas present is a gift card! Consider gift cards to local businesses or restaurants. Bonus points if you tailor your choice of gift card to each employee (i.e. a gift card to a local restaurant for the office foodie vs. a gift card to a doggy daycare for that employee who just loves their dogs).
  3. Enough said.
  4. Noise-cancelling headphones. Sometimes the office is noisy. And for many of us, work can be a lot less stressful if you could just get some peace and quiet!
  5. Gift everyone nice, personalized pens for the office so they can stop using old stationary. They’ll thank you for their awesome pens that are made to last.

Things to Remember when Personalizing Christmas and Holiday Gifts for Employees

There are things you’ve got to keep in mind when you’re looking for personalized gifts for employees for the Holidays. One – some of your employees may not celebrate Christmas. Inclusivity is important, so try your best to opt for more neutral, non-Christmas-specific gifts for those not celebrating. Nevertheless, the end of the year is a great time to be thankful, so be sure to still gift employees who don’t observe Christmas. The gifts listed above are completely neutral but if you’re looking for more ideas, consider office-centric gifts like business card holders, engraved name plates, or clocks.

Two – it really is the thought that counts. If your employees see that you spent time and put thought into the gifts you chose, they’ll mean more, and they’ll remember it for longer. A personalized Christmas gift can be as simple as a ‘thank you’ card or an elaborate award. At the end of the day, employees just want awards that recognize them and their accomplishments. Want more ideas? Here’s what some actual employees had to say when they were asked what they appreciate as personalized Christmas gifts from their bosses.