The Brilliance of Glass Trophies and Awards

Trophies and awards often sit on a shelf or desk in an office or corporate greeting room. They are often viewed during the day. And there’s just something special and rather brilliant when sunlight shines through glass trophies and awards. They light up remarkably light up a room, drawing attention to the distinction they commemorate.

Glass plaques, trophies and awards bestow a certain beauty and elegance. They are revealing and radiant. They showcase brilliance with brilliance. It’s an openness that can’t be forgotten, a radiance that sparkles with luminosity.

Large Custom Orders

Need a large number of awards? Whether you need 50 or 500, we can provide high quality awards quickly and efficiently. We specialize in corporate events where a large number of team members or award recipients need to be recognized. We can do large orders, each custom designed, without skimping on quality.

We have a wide selection to choose from, including clocks, pen sets, and globes. If you’re not sure what your needs are, call us and personally speak to a sales assistant. He or she will be glad to suggest the perfect selection to fit the mood, occasion and spirit of the event or accomplishment.

High Quality, Refined Selection

Because quality is what we pride ourselves on. We use only the finest materials in order to represent your very best. We have been redefining the executive award space with quality and class that bestows prestige on the recipient. We believe in creating only the best.

And we can create it quickly. We strive for a fast turn around time. Simple orders can be shipped within a day. Though we prefer to allow at least one proofing stage to ensure accuracy, we can accommodate any deadline you need.