Hard Work Deserves Recognition – Make Their Achievements Memorable With Crystal

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Beyond The Diploma – Gift Your Graduate A Special Award

Graduation is coming up and nothing makes a senior’s year feel more meaningful than a plaque or crystal award highlighting their achievements. The end of one’s final school year is a time to highlight a senior’s achievements throughout the last four years. After all, you only graduate high school once, so why not make it a memorable experience on all fronts?

From a young age, students have been conditioned to believe that their efforts can only be awarded with boring diplomas. Diplomas and degrees let students know that they have worked hard through their curriculum, but what is given to the few students who go above and beyond? Or what about the parents who just want to celebrate their children’s academic efforts with more grace and style? Sometimes, paper awards are not enough to say “thank you” or “great job”. Plaques or crystal awards are the perfect way to let those students know that they are appreciated.

Awards Encourage Students to Reach for Their Goals.

I was never a fan of competition, but I had been swimming most of my life and when I started high school I was looking forward to joining the swim team. Over my four years of high school swimming, competition taught me how to work hard towards goals and how good it felt when I would achieve them. By the end of my senior year, I had the most improved personal swim times and the highest number of heats won. After four long years of hard work in athletics, at our end of year ceremony, I was awarded my school’s highest sportsmanship award – a plaque that still hangs on the wall of my childhood home. I think back on that day at the pride and confidence that the award gave me, which inevitably led me to pursue collegiate swimming. At the time, it was the first and only plaque award I had been given, it made me feel so important and helped me continue to reach for bigger goals.

Consider Giving The Gift of Crystal

Plaques are versatile awards and come in all shapes and sizes, unlike homogeneous diplomas printed by the thousands. Some stand on their own, acting as beautiful, freestanding awards with bases, while others can be hung on walls. While we’re partial to crystal plaques, which immediately captivate the eye and make accomplishments shine, we can’t deny how beautiful acrylic plaques can be. Just imagine how great these award plaques will look shining in their room at home, or their future college dorm, where their accomplishments can be seen by all their new friends.

The beauty of award plaques is that they can be extensively and endlessly customized, which can make them one of the most personal gifts for such a special occasion. Plaques can be engraved not just with the name of the lucky student, but also their accomplishments from the year. Executive Awards can also engrave the student’s school logo onto the plaque, which can make the plaque one of the most unique awards they’ve ever received.

Graduating high school is one of the most pivotal moments in one’s life and it should be recognized with something worth remembering. Consider gifting your lucky graduate something special and personal like a plaque that highlights their fantastic academic career. It’ll give them the momentum and confidence they need to succeed as they enter either the work force or higher studies!