How To Find the Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift for Employees

The last few weeks of the year can be a stressful time for managers. With projects to complete, forms to file, and general administrative tasks, it’s easy to forget that you have to purchase personalized Christmas gifts for employees. While the most practical thing is to get work done as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the holidays, it’s important to spend time and be considerate towards your employees for helping you and your company meet its goals this past year. The end of the year is particularly nerve-wracking for employees as well, as they have deadlines to meet before they can jet off for the winter break.

The simplest way to find personalized Christmas gifts is to ask your assistant or intern to bulk buy gifts to hand out at the office party. While that idea may seem appealing, your employees will definitely know that their corporate gifts aren’t unique and hand-picked. Workers feel empowered when they know their managers are paying attention to their hard work, and corporate gifts should reflect that.

If executives are in a time crunch and need to get personalized Christmas gifts in time for the holiday party, there are a variety of options to choose from.

What Makes a Good Personalized Christmas Gift

A Christmas gift can mean something different to everybody, making it difficult to please all parties involved, especially if the company is bulk ordering products for a large team. In most cases, it’s best to steer clear from gifts that overtly feature Christmas imagery, as not everyone in the office celebrates the holiday. Instead, the best practice is to give a personalized and unique corporate gift that steers clear from religious imagery, or features general festive vibes that correlate with the season, such as snowmen or snowflakes.

Beyond that, a quality personalized gift for Christmas should evoke a sense of belonging and purpose that leaves the recipient joyful and excited for the upcoming work year. If executives are picking out individual gift for team members, it can be helpful to point out that they’re receiving the corporate gift for a specific milestone or achievement. For a larger group or team, it’s best to pick one singular award or gift so no one feels singled out.

In all cases, a personalized Christmas gift should be personal. How? The easiest way to make any corporate gift or award personal is by having it engraved. Engraving a Christmas gift immediately makes it unique and one-of-a-kind, adding sentimental value to the recipient. To make any corporate gift stand out, engrave the token with the recipient’s name or initials, alongside the company’s name. Extra points go to those who give their employees engraved Christmas gifts with a message celebrating the end of the year.

Last Minute Engraved Christmas Gifts for Employees

If recognizing on an individual level, managers and executives should consider what the gift should convey. Has the employee done an outstanding job this year? Have they delivered great results, or gone above and beyond? Then they should be recognized with a personalized trophy or awards that directly calls out their efforts. Engraved acrylic awards are a great option that they can take home and show off to their family or display on their desk. If the employee has recently received a promotion or has exceeded expectations in a short amount of time, it might be meaningful to end the year off with a luxurious corporate gift that they can remember for years to come. Waterford crystal personalized clocks are a perfect companion piece to any Christmas or gift card with a ‘thank you’ note.

Giving personalized Christmas gifts to a group or team can be tricky, as it can be difficult to find the award that’s perfect for everyone. In this case, the best course of action is to give individuals the same corporate gift, so no one feels left out. For larger teams, it may be helpful to award corporate gifts that relate to workplace in some shape or form. Engraved pens are a fantastic choice for a small token of appreciation. Have each team members name engraved on the pen, and have it gifted with a Christmas card. Employees can then start the new year off fresh with their brand-new personalized pens. Other employee award ideas include brand new engraved name plates or personalized glass gifts like paperweights which feature the logo of the company.

To spread more cheer at the holiday party, employers should consider the value that smaller gifts have. Treat a company branded personalized keychains as a sort of stocking stuffer to hand out at the end of the night. To instill some festive cheer, engrave crystal ornaments with your company’s logo for a truly personalized Christmas gift for employees to cherish.

Managers Deserve Their Own Personalized Gifts for Christmas

While recognizing employees with end-of-the-year gifts is fantastic, it’s equally important to make those in senior positions feel special. Managers and executives are responsible for steering the ship that is the workplace and should be rewarded greatly. Luxury corporate gifts are a dime a dozen. It’s important to shower those in senior roles with praise and gifts that genuinely add value to their life. Everyone enjoys being recognized and awarded for their efforts, which is why executives and managers will find great pleasure in receiving premium trophies and plaques that they can display in their office.

For more senior employee award ideas, managers should consider engraved crystal recognition awards. Both in and out of the workplace, crystal is highly regarded as one of the finest materials. Premium and built with respect, crystal continue to remain as a popular material for luxury corporate gifts. Waterford’s collection of crystal gifts is filled with unique offerings that will leave senior employees filled with holiday cheer. Award ideas include gifting a pair of flute glasses with a premium bottle of champagne, or a sparkling vase coupled with freshly picked flowers.

It’s important have personalized gifts for Christmas ready in time for the holiday season, which means the best time to have personalized and trophies ready is now. Have an assistant or secretary draft up a budget and propose employee award ideas based on the criteria discussed. If all employees are working from home, it’s crucial to have them sent during the month of December. No one wants to receive their Christmas gift in the month of January. Be sure to have the updated addresses of all workers so no corporate gifts get lost in the mail.