Impress Your New Hires with Welcome Gifts

Congratulations on hiring new members for your team. It’s an exciting feeling to hire new employees who are eager to join existing projects and start new ones. New employees can feel overwhelmed in the first few months, no matter how much you and your co-workers try to help them adapt to the new environment. It’s said that 70% of employees will feel imposter syndrome at some point during their career. It’s likely that a majority will face it when they start a new job.

Beyond extensive training, mentorship, or sign-on packages, executives and managers should ruminate on how valuable and inclusive a welcome gift can be for new hires. It might seem overkill to begin gifting as soon as one is hired but gifts and other tokens of appreciation can be a novel, exciting way to make someone feel worthy, especially if they feel left out during the early days onboarding.

What A Gift for a New Employee Should Be

If managers are going to be treating a new employee to a gift, it should be something that’s practical, personal, and logical. A unique corporate gift should make new employees feel welcome, both to their new role and to the team. As great as a gift card to a local restaurant or business is, it won’t have the same impact as something that’s somewhat work-adjacent. Execs should want their new hires to feel excited when they come into work and ready to participate in your company’s culture. Instilling company pride on day one can go a long way to cultivating a healthy relationship.

New Hire Gift Ideas

To get employees ready to be team players, consider fun corporate gifts that sport the company’s logo. This can include company swag bags that includes hats, t-shirts, and sunglasses with the organization’s name. Want to be more fun? How about engraved glass gifts like bar and drinkware? Treat new hires to an engraved glass mug that they can use at the office for coffee or drinks. Or how about a personalized pub glass that features their name and position for afterwork drinks? By gifting something fun with your company’s logo on it, employers can make new hires feel as if they’re part of the team right from the get go.

A gift for a new employee can also set them up for success. Before their first day, think about what their role entails and what practical corporate gifts would work well for their position. Will they be facing a lot of potential clients? To get their and your company’s name out there, a perfect welcome gift would be a business card holder for their new desk. This way, they’ll be able to hand business cards out without ever losing them. Will they be dealing with a lot of paperwork and documents to sign off on? Nothing can instill more pride and excitement than working with an engraved pen that features their name on it. Gifts like these turn ordinary office tools into personalized components.

Welcome Gifts for New Executives & Managers

If your workplace is onboarding a new executive, manager, or VP, it can be worthwhile to consider the value a luxurious corporate gift can have in the early days of employment. A solid luxury corporate gift can set the tone and standard of what a new executive can expect if they work hard and deliver respectable results. It will also make them feel more appreciated and valued in a senior role. Those looking for luxury corporate gifts should look no further than crystal, a material that exudes opulence and wealth. Treat new senior members to engraved crystal clocks to display on their desk. For a more premium offering, consider the value a Waterford crystal clock holds, especially for more senior members. Other gifts to consider include optic crystal engraved name plates and crystal bookends to make their brand new office shine.

There are countless possibilities to consider when finding the right corporate gift for your new hire. What’s most important is that the gift should be welcoming and inclusive. It’s always a smart idea to ensure your gift is personalized, either with their name, or your company’s logo.