Luxury Crystal & Glass Gifts to Thank Your Guests for Sharing Your Special Day

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. You want the people you love around you, celebrating with you. And you also want to make sure the guests at your wedding feel their presence is appreciated. That’s why, at most weddings in the US, the couple getting married gives favors to their wedding guests.

The wedding favors could be anything, like candles made from local beeswax or cookies from your favorite bakery to take home. But if you really want your guests to remember this awesome day in a permanent, thoughtful and valuable way, you should consider wedding favors that don’t melt away or get eaten. And there’s nothing quite like crystal and glass gifts that will have them remembering your special day.

Engraved Glass & Crystal Barware Gifts

One of the most popular options for engraved glass and crystal gifts as wedding favors is decorative wine glasses. It’s a classic, and for a great reason. Wine glasses engraved with the date of your wedding or some other markers of your special day are pretty and useful.

But wine glasses aren’t the only way to go. Consider engraved shot glasses or crystal champagne flutes. Other crystal and glass gifts that should be on your radar include an engraved wine cradle or an optic crystal wine stopper that features your initials and wedding date. Have friends and family who can’t stand the thought of wine? There’s no better glass gift than a personalized decanter for their favorite spirit or liquor. If your vibe is more casual, you could go with personalized beer mugs – fun and unique!

Crystal Candy Bowls and Vases

Another great option for gifting engraved crystal pieces to your wedding guests that are also something they’ll use often are things like Waterford candy bowls, jars, or vases. These pieces have a leg up on crystal barware, because they’re also display pieces your guests will likely have on their desks or counters at home. Another favor option that’s got all three of these features is engraved glass coasters.

Glass Figurines

Figurines or ornaments can be kitschy if they’re not done in a curated, high-end way. Small glass or crystal figurines accomplish just that. After all, it’s hard for anything made of crystal to be kitschy. Consider ditching the typical couple-in-love statuettes and opt for other things that represent love and formality, like a sparkling diamond or a graceful little swan.

Engraved Crystal Jar Candles

We know we said a gift that won’t melt away is a better way to go for wedding favors. But candles in engraved mason jars are trendy right now – they’re cute and casual. And when the candle inside is spent, you can do anything with the jar, like fill it with those firefly-style LED lights. This kind of engraved crystal gift allows your guests to make your wedding favor into anything, which means it won’t end up collecting dust on a shelf.

Engraved Paperweights

If you want your wedding guests to walk away with a gift that they can proudly display in their homes, consider a paperweight that features a photo of you and your partner, or an engraved message of love. As far as engraved glass gifts go, this is a truly special token of love to give that’s both bold and unique. Transform a trivial office accessory into a special reminder of the beautiful moments you shared together as friends and family.

Make Your Wedding Guests Feel as Special as You Do

There are dozens of ways you can integrate a luxury material like crystal into your wedding favors in meaningful ways. Crystal is special: it’s beautiful and timeless. And that’s how you want your guests to feel about your wedding day: that it was special, beautiful and timeless.