Personalized Retirement Gifts

Send Your Senior Employees off with a Special Engraved Retirement Gift

Retirements are a special occasion at any place of work. They mark the end of an era at the workplace, but they also mark the start of something new for the retiree. Present them a personalized retirement gift at their office goodbye party or on their last day with you. After all, they’ve spent countless hours and probably several decades in that office; a gift like a retirement award plaque, personalized barware or a crystal award is a way to honor their service and give them a gift to remember their time at your company as they move forward in life.

Retirement Award Plaques are a Way to Immortalize Career Achievements

We offer a selection of elegant, unique plaques, and any one you choose can be customized however you want. Engrave this retirement gift with a “Thank You” for years of service, a personal or inside joke that they’ll remember forever, or list all the retiree’s accomplishments during their time at your company. It shows the retiree their superiors remember all of their achievements, and it allows them to have something to display at home so that they can also remember their time at your company fondly.

Retire With a Reminder

Time is a constant that we all have to abide by.  Remind your retiree of the time they spent at your company with a personalized clock. A beautiful memento such as a clock can be proudly kept in their home office to remind them of all the rewarding moments they shared with the company. Our clocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different materials such as wood or metal to suit the character of the recipient. Our diverse fleet of clocks can be personalized with the retiree’s name, brief accomplishments, and the company’s logo.

For a luxurious corporate gift that is perfect for retirement, consider an engraved crystal clock. Like wooden and metal clocks, engraved crystal clocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, tough they’re far more premium in nature. Crystal clocks will be playful in the light and will be a conversation starter in any home office. Have the retiree’s clock personalized with their name, former job title, and the company’s logo. For a more luxurious corporate gift that’s meant for the best of the best, look no further than a Waterford engraved crystal clock.

Think About a Signature Pewter Tray for a Truly Unique Retirement Gift

If your honored retiree was part of your team for a long while, chances are they’ve created personal relationships with everyone at the office. And while a plaque is a great retirement award, a truly unique personalized retirement gift is our Hand Engravable Signature Tray. We can actually take images of all their coworkers’ signatures and hand cut them onto the tray around any customized message of appreciation you’d like to add. It’s like a goodbye card, but better, because it’s a beautiful display piece for their home that will stand the test of time.

Gifting Glass and Crystal is a Great Way to End a Career

Nothing symbolizes strength and success more than glass. Take a step further and see that crystal is synonymous with luxury. To end a retiree’s career on a high-note, leave them with a personalized retirement gift that feels bold in design and premium in nature. There a variety of engraved glass gifts which retirees can enjoy. From traditional glass awards to engraved decanters and matching glass sets, the possibilities are endless. Other engraved barware to consider includes personalized wine cradlers and premium, crystal clear biscuit barrels, which can feature the recipient’s name, and the company’s logo. Crystal awards are also a great option if organizations want to leave the retiree with a gift that boasts their accomplishments.

Personalized Retirement Gifts for Board of Directors

When searching for a personalized retirement gift for a board of directors’ member, it’s important to think about expectations. All executives expect to be treated with respect once they take a step back from the company they helped build, which is why a quality, luxurious corporate gift is in order. Engraved Waterford Crystal clocks for retiring board of directors are always a great choice, as are signed pewter trays. However, consider how board of directors want to remember their legacy. As accomplished creatives in their field, they seek accolades, which is why bold crystal recognition awards are great options for a personalized retirement gift. After all their hard work is done, they can sit back and rejoice by looking at their recognition award with pride.

Take a Look around Our Site for Other Retirement Gift Ideas

Every employee is special, and we all spend a good portion of our lifetimes at work. Retirement deserves to be a special occasion of endings, beginnings, and appreciation. Some employees might prefer engraved pens over personalized clocks, while others may find joy in seeing their name written brightly on an engraved acrylic achievement award. If these suggestions don’t exactly fit your needs, browse our site for countless other products that can be customized into personalized, engraved retirement gifts so that when you present the gift, the retiree knows they mattered and they will be missed.