We Set the Standard in Personalized Trophies and Awards

The exciting moment when a person receives an award makes for an instant experience that creates a lasting memory. That’s why personalized trophies and awards need to make a dazzling first impression, befitting the importance of the feat for which they’re presented.

Gilson’s custom-crafted awards will do just that. Each award or trophy is itself a work of art that’s a pleasure to look at, and carries a unique engraved message of recognition for its recipient. These trophies truly communicate the kudos: Job well done. You deserve to feel proud.

Customized Designer Awards and Gifts for the Workplace

We feature a wide array of staff award possibilities to fit your budget and needs. We use only top-quality materials, including fine woods such as walnut, cherry, and mahogany, as well as real silver, gold and chrome. Each corporate award and gift we make is an elegant work of art that will proudly be displayed for decades to come.

Did you know that we also feature in-house, state-of-the-art engraving? We can recreate almost any company logo, favorite sayings from the office, a team joke, memorable slogans, and more. Personalize your event to make it special. Recognize your team on an individual level with a trophy or glass award that speaks to their success and personality.

We also offer a selection of engravable pewter and silver wares like display trays hand-engraved by our master artist, who can perfectly recreate hand-drawn images like the signatures of everyone in the office. Hand-engraved facsimile signature pieces are a unique, truly one-of-a-kind professional gift great for retiring board members or medical fellows.

Fast Turnaround on Trophy, Plaque and Color-Print Orders

We know that sometimes you need a personalized trophy, award or plaque very quickly, in order to recognize, while it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind, that remarkable accomplishment that seemed to just come out of nowhere. That’s why we pride ourselves on a fast turnaround policy. Simple engraving can be done in as little as a day and then shipped across the United States. While we prefer to have at least one proof in the design-proof process, we are happy to accommodate sooner deadlines if it’s feasible.

Whether you need 1 or 100 awards, we are happy to find the perfect solution within your budget. The process is fast, professional and rewarding. Call us today and speak personally to one of our own professionals.

Specialized Partnerships to Guarantee Your Event’s a Success

Since 2003, we have been proud and official members of ASI, which means we enjoy a special access to all the advertising specialty products on the market. And we share that connection with you so you can choose from a wide range of products and employee gifts for your event in any size or quantity. We can suggest a whole range of items to perfectly meet your budget. Let’s make your event the success you’ve always dreamed of.

Most Popular Trophy Styles in Corporate Settings

As trends change with the times, there are so many award styles to choose from. The classic sports tournament trophy still remains the same today: a gold cup. Dating back to traditional cups given to winners from athletic tournaments in ancient Greece, the Stanley Cup is a modern take on a trophy cup. Does your company have its own sports league for the season? Consider getting a classic trophy cup for office morale. It’s definitely one of our most popular styles.

Trophies are timeless and versatile, because their visual message is universal: you’re the best at something. So, engraved trophy awards, whether acrylic, crystal, wood or glass, can be an appropriate choice of recognition award in a variety of circumstances. Check out our whimsical art glass trophies and all our other glass and crystal trophy awards. They bring innovation and movement to the timeless honor representative of a trophy.