Engraved Custom Pens and Accessories Make Great Group Gifts

Looking to recognize the special efforts of a sizable team? Items like custom engraved pens, ornaments or tablet covers make great options. It’s a way of saying something personal and special without breaking your budget. Plus, personalized pens, certificate holders and desk organizers are useful, and they ties everyone’s workspaces together when they’re gifted to a whole team of employees. And what better way to recognize and remember special work effort than an item that will get continual use throughout the work day?

Engraved Pens are Perfect for Presenting to Cohorts of Employees

Appreciation fosters success, especially when it comes engraved on a practical item like a pen. Not every occasion needs to be marked with a big ceremony and a trophy or plaque. Sometimes little details – items you can use – are a better option, especially for teams or groups. Engraved pens are great for a cohort who deserves a sales goal award, or a retiree who’s leaving after decades in the office. Read More