Contemporary Glass Award G2902, G2903, G2904

Contemporary Glass Award G2902

Contemporary Glass Award G2902, G2903, G2904


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Contemporary Clear Glass Award with Pedestal Base
3/8″ thick glass, suitable for laser engraving or sandblasting.
These Glass Awards are packaged in satin-lined, padded gift boxes.

Comes in three sizes
G2902 – 6-1/2 ” x 8-1/2 ” – $44.00
G2903 – 8 ” x 10-1/8 ” – $47.00
G2904 – 9-3/8 ” x 11-1/2 ” – $51.00

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An Art Glass Award of Sheer Radiance

One of the advantages that glass awards and trophies share is radiance. There is something dazzlingly inspiring when sunlight hits the award at just the right angle, sending an indescribable sparkle around the office that subtly takes your breath away. That is what raw talent can do. It produces the very best so cutting clear the effects are bright and reflective.

That is why we chose an art glass design for this award. Light can have a powerful effect, whether its the lights from the award stage or the sunlight at a certain time of day when the award is later displayed in the office. It is brilliance personified, crystallized perfection that just lights up a room.

When think you’ll be very impressed with this award, as will anybody who receives it. It comes delivered in a satin-lined padded gift box for an extra touch of elegance and refinement.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

G2902 – 6-1/2 " x 8-1/2 " – $44.00, G2903 – 8 " x 10-1/8 " – $47.00, G2904 – 9-3/8 " x 11-1/2 " – $51.00

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