Egg-Shaped Burgundy and White Art Glass Award #2315

Egg-Shaped Burgundy and White Art Glass Award #2315


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Laser engravable aluminum plate.
Individually gift boxed.
Each piece of art glass is individually hand blown, air bubbles and color variations are common.
These Glass Awards are packaged in satin-lined, padded gift boxes.

3-1/2 ” x  6 “

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An Imperial & Regal Egg

Fabergé eggs are some of the most iconic pieces of art to have ever existed. Their style and charm persists to this day, inspiring thousands of other designs. Introducing this luxurious and confident egg-shaped award that exudes royalty. The burgundy and white art glass award is one of the most unique choices to impart upon those who provide stellar results. It might be hard to believe but these awards are completely individually hand-blown, making each egg as distinctive as the art pieces that grace museums. Don’t forget to honor the recipient by engraving their accomplishments on the aluminum plate that rests on the clear base. Each fine glass award comes in its own unique satin-lined gift box which perfectly complements the work of art that is the egg.

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