Retirement Gift Ideas for The Digital Work Era

As companies around the world continue to thrive in a work from home environment, many are wondering how old celebrations can be replicated in the digital era. It used to be that office workers would commune together and have a huge celebration for those who were retiring. The events would be marked with food, drinks, and a tasteful retirement gift that would commemorate the years spent at the company. Now, with Zoom and other telecommunication channels taking over, parties like those are still possible, though they don’t have the same intimate feeling. As the boss, you still have the opportunity to make retirement an extra special event for those who are on track to enjoy their final years in bliss. While a virtual retirement party is still recommended, you now have to double down on finding a corporate gift that stands out. After all, you don’t have a grand event to mask out a mediocre gift.

When it comes to finding the right personalized retirement gift, it’s crucial that you tap into the retiree’s personality. Think about the positions they’ve held in your company over the years. Were they client facing, working with a sales team, or in the accounting department? Try and tie the retirement gift into their work, if possible. However, it’s always okay to go traditional when it comes to retirement awards.

Consider Retirement Award Plaques

There’s a reason cliches are a cliché. Some of the best engraved retirement gifts are plaques and trophies. Prior to a virtual retirement party, you can have a high-quality, premium plaque shipped to their home, which they can unveil on camera. Retirement award plaques have been a go-to choice for years, so it would be neglectful to avoid them. Nothing will create a strong sense of duty and loyalty than a plaque that they can hang or proudly display in their home office. Engrave the plaque with the retiree’s name as well as the number of positions they held at your company. Go formal with a Rosewood & Silver Plaque or cheeky with a plaque adorned with a Gold tone Gavel that signifies respect and authority. Be sure to send a ‘thank you’ card to make the gift extra special. If an engraved plaque doesn’t feel appropriate, think about something practical that they can use for their passion project or in their home office.

Desk Accessories Are a Great Retirement Gift

As the sun sets on their career, it’s time for the retiree to find something new to occupy them. Some take up painting, while others finally start working on their novel. Whatever the case may be, it’s safe to say that your retiree has a home office that’s about to become busy. Give your retiree something practical that they can use while they spend time ruminating on their life. Engraved pens sets are a great personalized retirement gift. It’s something they can use on a daily basis, which will make it all the more special when it’s engraved with their name or a brief note of ‘thanks.’ Adorn their desk with a crystal clock, so they can always remember the time they spent working with your companies. A Waterford clock is an especially great gift for retiring board members as they’re luxurious and regal in nature, fit perfectly for the most hardworking bosses.

Get Everyone Involved with a Sterling Silver Retirement Tray

With most celebrations now virtual, it can be difficult for the retiree to truly understand just how much of an impact they’ve had on their coworkers. And with the strong likelihood that gifts will also be given via a delivery service, the intimate factor is now removed. So, how about a gift that brings everyone together, so the retiree can always remember their amazing coworkers. Consider a sterling silver retirement tray which can be engraved with the signatures of multiple employees. With a retirement gift like this, everyone will feel as if they’ve contributed, even in a virtual celebration.

While it can be difficult to find exciting retirement awards and gifts, it’s always best to think about what you would want for yourself. Ask the retirees closest colleagues for what they might be interested in. At the end of the day, the gift is just a token of appreciation, but it’s the memory of being acknowledged that will last forever.