The Best Going Away Gifts for Employees

It can be exceptionally difficult to see an employee leave your organization. Perhaps they started alongside you and have found a different calling, or maybe they’re a mentor who is now on track to retire. Whatever the case may be, it can be hard to let go of someone who is a constant at work and their departure may deplete morale. Managers might be under the impression that they’ve failed a team member. As an executive or boss, it’s important to ensure to everyone that an employee’s final days are amicable. A great way to build trust with your employees and to close out someone’s time with the company is to give a going away present.

Employee award ideas for those resigning can be difficult to come up with. You have to find a balance between something that feels significant and respectful without gifting something cheap. Luxury corporate gifts are great as they leave the employee with a sense of privilege and excitement about their time working with your company. If they were a pivotal player in their field, it would be ideal that they leave with a positive impression with your company. And unless your relationship with the employee was strong, the gift shouldn’t feel wholly personal.

When in doubt, you should always opt for practical corporate gifts that the employee can use at their next job.

Engraved Nameplate & Pens

An employee award idea that is cost-effective, practical, and personal is an engraved name plate. This is a sweet little gift that’s transferable to any office or division without being tied to your company. Simply engrave the individual’s name on the plate and they’ll be able to take it with them wherever they go. For a premium option, consider the regal and bold optic crystal Director’s Nameplate. It arrives in a gift box and it will stand out on any desk, making it a conversation starter.

For another practical gift that’s personal, consider engraved pens. You can go simple and engrave a premium pen with their name or deliver an engraved pen desk set with a nameplate. A gift like this is completely unique and will get your employee ready to start off with success at their next job.

Art Glass Awards to Decorate Their Office

For something flashier than an engraved nameplate or desk set, consider gifting art glass awards. Unlike other awards like trophies and plaques, art glass awards don’t announce their accolades through design. Instead, treat any art glass award like a literal work of art that your employee can use to stylize their new office. Gifting a beautiful of work suggests that you care about their future and want their new space to start off as exciting as possible. You’d be hard-pressed to believe that this hand-blown, colorful, teardrop-shaped sculpture is actually an award and not a premium showpiece in an art studio.

You can choose the engrave the art glass award or not depending on your relationship with the employee. If you do choose to engrave it, make the inscription simple and to the point with a ‘thanks.’ You don’t want to bestow an engraved glass gift that’s extremely sentimental and filled with personal details if you’re not close to the worker. Give your employees the opportunity to start fresh with no baggage, so keep the message short and simple.

Engraved Clock

If the employee departing is of senior status, it can be difficult to get by with cheap trinkets. After all, they’ve dedicated years to your company, it’s only right that they receive a unique corporate gift that’s personal and useful on their next adventure. Personalized clocks are a great option for executive-level employees who are leaving your organization. The benefit with personalized clocks is that they can be tailor-made to fit the likes of the individual. If you know they enjoy a particularly finish or material, there’s a chance an engraved corporate gift is available for them. From wood to crystal clocks, you can always engrave something unique for your employees. For those who are leaving the company behind, consider engraved Waterford Crystal clocks for retiring board of directors. These premium clocks are made of the finest materials and will always stand out in any home officer.

Award Plaques

Though we’ve suggested not getting too personal and sentimental with departing employees, sometimes it’s hard not to acknowledge the positive time spent together. Sometimes, some professional relationships deserve corporate gifts that serve no purpose other than acknowledging the recipient’s accomplishments. For individuals like these, we recommend trophies and plaques that specifically highlight the work they’ve done for your organization. Though they may not be able to display it at their new workplace, it can proudly be looked at in their home office.