The Best Take Home Crystal Awards of the Year

When most people think about trophies, they usually think about an award they received as a child. Maybe it was a soccer tournament or a perfect attendance award from school. Although, for managers or owners of a business, awards are an annual or monthly event for employee recognition. Coming up with recognition awards ideas can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what material to gift. As the gift giver, you have a strong duty to have the award material match the occasion. If you’re celebrating a sales milestone, important work anniversary, or a key retirement, you can’t scrape by with cheap, simple gifts. To be fully appreciative, you have to opt for luxury corporate gifts that leaves the recipient excited and grateful.

Employee Recognition, Does It Still Work?

It’s the year 2022 and employee recognition has definitely gone a long way in the past several years. Whether it consists of stuffing the cafeteria with free snacks and goodies, providing cold brew each morning or hosting monthly brunch events at absolutely no cost for the staff. Now, this definitely motivates employees and fills them with energy (literally) but in the long run, it ends up costing you more and it becomes a normal event at work for everybody. This is why having a staff appreciation day at least once a year is very important, which is where recognition awards come into play. Do staff appreciation days still work? Definitely. Studies have shown that awards are important for any business. They can raise awareness of a person’s titles and company brand. Think of an award as a testimonial – it reinforces loyalty and hard work whether it’s displayed at home or in the office. When it comes to recognition awards ideas, you should never cheap out. Employees can smell cheap trinkets from a mile away and will feel unappreciated if recognition days are littered with awards that don’t match the effort they put in. How to keep employees engaged? Consider premium and engraved crystal recognition awards. Because these premium corporate gifts are often reserved for special days and events, it will speak volumes if your employees receive them on staff appreciation day. Now let’s talk about our favorite crystal awards, think of this as a small guide to help you choose the best award for your recognition event later this year.

Crystal Awards for Every Budget

Personalize that next corporate gift with a clear crystal award that can be unique and shape and engraved with a personal note. If you’d like to stay in budget, a Keepsake Box is a crowd favorite. It can be used to store paper clips, jewelry, notes, business cards, etc. As far as crystal awards go, a Keepsake Box is fantastic if you also want to boost your brand. The Keepsake Box’s top can be engraved with your company’s logo, making it the perfect accoutrement to any desk or shelf. Consider giving this luxury corporate gift to clients as well, they’ll love the thought that has gone into it. Looking for a more exquisite crystal award? Let’s talk Waterford.

Waterford Crystal: Luxury Corporate Level

If you’re looking for a jaw dropping crystal award for that special manager or vice president of the company, a Waterford crystal award is your best bet! We feature ice buckets, toasting flutes, bowls, vases and decanters (just to name a few). Personalize it with a message to be engraved delicately onto this delightful Waterford crystal. And of course, all of these are the perfect take home crystal awards. Want to celebrate someone who is in the twilight of their career? Consider engraved Waterford Crystal clocks for retiring board of directors. An engraved crystal clock is the perfect gift to give to anyone who has serviced your company for years. Any mantle or desk would be lucky to have such an exquisite personalized clock on it.

Printed Glass Company Awards

Now you know how important it is to recognize your employees. If you want to get some sort of award for every single person in the company without sacrificing too much on cost, order a printed glass award. Sure, it’s not a Waterford crystal award but it definitely resembles the glossy crystal look. While Waterford awards are great as luxurious pieces, printed glass awards have a simple and friendly nature to them. Printed glass also means that you can add a colorful logo to each piece and still be able to personalize it by engraving names on each award. Or, to make things simpler, consider engraving these glass gifts with just your company’s logo. Employees will be delighted to know that managers and executives value corporate synergy. The highest glass award ranges at about $300, while the lowest is priced at $43.

Recognize The Individual

If you have a small team and want to recognize them individually, crystal is still a great and cost-effective way to do so. Instead of premium Waterford gifts or printed glass awards, consider giving crystal plaques. You’ll have the opportunity to engrave each crystal award with the recipient’s name, their job title, and what they’re being recognized for, as well as a short and sweet message. Crystal plaques come in a variety of different sizes and styles – there’s something for every company and employee.