The Best Ways to Make Sure Your Veterans Feel Appreciated

So, yes, we have Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. We have Independence Day and special employment advantages for our veterans. But is that enough? We could do more. And it isn’t hard. Here are just a few suggestions of how to make the veterans in your office feel appreciated and seen:

  • Make it a point to recognize your veterans on veteran holidays. Even if your whole office has the actual holiday off, pick a Friday or a Monday near to it to have a special moment; give some small awards, cater lunch – make an effort to show them you recognize their service, no matter how long ago it was.
  • Create a social group for your office veterans. You can find money in your budget to take them all out to dinner every month or quarter. If you have enough of them, think about an office softball team or something.
  • Find ways to use skills they already have from their time in the military. Being a soldier, a medic, an engineer – all these things require diverse sets of skills that are easily translatable to office life with a little creative thinking.
  • If you’ve hired a veteran just out of the service, pair them up with another who’s been in civilian life longer to help make the transition easier.

Why Your Company Can Benefit From Helping Our Vets

The Department of Labor implemented a program in 2017 that made it easier for vets returning from active duty to seek jobs at places they knew would be nurturing and hospitable. Part of this program recognizes companies who have shown a long-term commitment to employing veterans of all kinds, and making sure they are faring well now that they’re back home. This can include implementing a veteran quota, providing access to mental health programs for your vet employees, and offering vocational education so they can thrive in their new civilian careers. This is a great way our government has teamed up with private-sector America to give just a little bit back to the people who gave all of us the absolute most.