The Hottest Corporate Gifts This Year

The Hottest Corporate Gifts This Year

Instantly put a smile on their face when you present to them a timeless company gift. Whether you’re in the market for an annual award or you’re looking for a specific executive award, there are definitely lots of options to choose from.

Personalize Your Gift

A made to order gift is certainly a special way to show your appreciation. A memorable message can be engraved in order to personalize the item. Or you can choose from a special design, like an art glass award in a globe or star shape. Some like to get creative with their personal messages on the award. It could be the anthem or chorus to a song which you share every time there’s a happy hour work meeting. Or perhaps a quote from an office inside joke. No matter what the message is, make sure you write a meaningful and memorable note that will be etched onto a plaque, or on lasered onto glass, that will last a lifetime. You can always add a logo and a date for each award too.

Think Outside the Box

Get creative when ordering a custom made trophy or award. Consider what the employee of the year likes to on their free time. For example: what are their hobbies? Definitely take into consideration how long they have been with the company and what their favorite food or football team is. But sometimes you have to think outside the box. Have they already received a few certificates and plaques from you? Maybe it’s time to step it up. There are plenty of luxury awards for executives and managers alike.

Luxury Awards

Many luxury awards actually have multiple uses. These include:

  • Beer or Coffee Mugs
  • Glass Vases
  • Silver or Glass Bowls, Plates and Trays
  • Water Set Tumbler
  • Wine Decanter
  • Wooden or Glass Clocks

Suit their Personality

Consider whether your employee or staff member loves to host people at their house, likes to display their awards in the office, could use a beautiful wooden clock, or likes to drink beer or coffee. The point is, you can make your gift special by engraving it but you can also show how much you appreciate them when gifting them something that they can use every day.