The Meaningful Symbolism of Engraved Crystal Clocks

As a manager or executive, it can be time-consuming to find personalized corporate gifts that speak to your employees’ interests. While gift cards, flowers, and fruit baskets are great options, you should make it a point to deliver a gift that isn’t fleeting. Flowers and fruit baskets wither away and become empty, while gift cards are treated like cash – these gifts don’t truly show how much of an asset the recipient is to the workplace.

While personalized trophies and awards are common gifts, they only serve as reminders of hard work. They have their time and place, especially during corporate recognition events and ceremonies. But when it comes to moments of success or recognition that are intimate, i.e., just between a manager and their employee, something more personal should be given. As an executive, the gift you give says a lot about you and the values you exhibit. When in doubt, one of the best corporate gifts that money can buy is a personalized clock.

Are Personalized Clocks Still a Great Gift in 2023?

Business is conducted via smartphones and laptops these days, with the time digitally displayed on these devices for the sake of convenience. Traditional watches, even, have been replaced by so-called ‘smart watches’ which do so much more than just telling the time. In 2023, traditional, analog devices meant to tell time may feel antiquated but it’s the specific intent behind personalized clocks that make them special and unique.

Engraved clocks are typically given to those who have their own office, i.e., individuals who have already proven that they’re some of the best in the workplace. Not only are personalized clocks a great desk accessory that add practical value but they’re also a great way to boost the company’s brand, creating a solid sense of synergy in the workplace. Engraved clocks stand out as a constant reminder of the company. Employees will always feel proud when they glance over at their personalized clock, which boast both their name and company’s title/logo. And if they leave their position, they’ll always have a beautiful clock as a reminder for how well their company treated them. Clients and other partners will also appreciate seeing such a strong and unique corporate gift on the recipient’s desk – it makes them come off as far more powerful and classy.

While smartwatches all the rage, they’re not timeless. Quality corporate gifts for employees should stand out as timeless. No fads or trends here. A clock is something that has persisted for the last century and will continue to persist as the decades change. Because clocks are timeless, the recipient’s relationship with the company, and by extension you, will remain timeless, even if they’ve left the job. Personalized clocks are especially a great gift for older employees – they’ll appreciate the intricacy and class that the gift has to offer.

Seeing as personalized clocks are timeless and classy gifts, consider that they can fit virtually any budget. As the guide continues, executives will be able to see just how versatile personalized clocks can be. Each clock tells its own story and congratulatory narrative. Read on to learn more about some of the most interesting personalized clocks for employees.

The Best Personalized Clock for Employee of the Month

What’s a good employee of the month gift? Art glass awards are always in fashion and employers can never go wrong with traditional glass trophy awards. For something bolder and more unique, personalized clocks are recommended. A gift not only reflects the employer’s personality, but it also speaks to the employee’s accomplishments. They should receive a gift that truly acknowledges that they’re the best of any given month. And considering that they’re the best, there’s a very strong chance that they’re client-facing workers, which means the corporate gift they’ll be receiving will be on full display.

The best personalized clock for an employee of the month? The Rosewood and Glass Mantel Clock, filled out with gold accents. This unique corporate gift not only succeeds as a clock but also as a plaque, making it the perfect gift to give to those who deserve to be recognized for their efforts. Below the traditional gold and regal clock is a brass plate that can be fully engraved and personalized. Write the employee of the month’s name, job title, and the month they received it. It’s a gift that they’ll love to keep around for years. Clients and other employees will also comment on how unique this corporate gift is.

Personalized Clocks to Celebrate a Promotion

Looking for employee awards ideas to celebrate a recent promotion? It’s always great when those you’ve trained are moving past their posts and receiving promotions. If someone has received a brand-new promotion, it’s important to set them up for success. Aside from offering support and advice, it’s wise to provide them the tools they need to do a good job. To make a promotion feel truly special, consider the Rosewood Skeleton Clock & Pen Holder.

What makes this personalized clock stand out? Well, it’s more than a clock. It’s a gift that certainly tells the time but what makes it truly special is how well-rounded the corporate award is as a desk accessory. The clock arrives with a premium engraved pen that masterfully rests on the side. Below the clock and pen is a nameplate that can boast the recipient’s name or job title. This is the best corporate gift for those who are quickly rising through the ranks and need an award that prepares them for success in the workplace.

The ’Just Because’ Clock for Outstanding Employees

Sometimes employees just consistently improve, deliver stellar results, or go above and beyond without asking for anything in return. If there’s an employee that is getting the job done on time, it’s important to recognize their efforts as it keeps them engaged and motivated. A happy employee equals quality work. To celebrate employees who simply deserve to be recognized, there are dozens of award ideas. There’s no better option than the versatile Cherry Finish Clock. A simple desk clock made of cherry-finished wood; this personalized corporate award features a brass plate. Have it engraved with the recipient’s name and a ‘thank you’ note to make it truly stand out. Whenever times are time, your employee will appreciate how they received a corporate gift that stands out as a reminder of how their hard work isn’t unseen.

Personalized Clocks for Retirees

When it’s time to say goodbye to someone, it’s important to acknowledge their presence with fitting personalized retirement gifts. When it comes to personalized clocks, there are several different routes that executives can take. Any of the options listed above make for quality personalized retirement gifts as they evoke a sense of accomplishment and are engraved with the recipient’s name. However, if the retiree has greatly contributed to your organization, it’s crucial that they leave with a luxurious corporate gift that leaves them excited for their twilight years.

The best engraved retirement gift for those who deserve to be treated like royalty is personalized clock that exudes luxury and wealth. One of the best possible gifts that a retiree can receive is an engraved crystal clock like Executive Awards’ Time Warp gift. Standing tall and proud, the Time Warp engraved crystal clock is ready to be personalized with the retiree’s name and distinction. A work of art, it’s a corporate gift that reminds the retiree of the time they spent making your company stronger. Looking for a more premium engraved crystal clock for high-level executives? Board of Directors retirement clocks have to be built with precision, love, and mastery. For those one-of-a-kind engraved crystal clock recipients, there’s no better option than a Waterford Crystal Clock. The best board of director retirement clock, it’s a timepiece that looks completely unique and premium – a corporate gift truly worth cherishing.