The Most Popular Employee Award Titles

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The Most Popular Employee Award Titles

Celebrating all the standout performers who go the extra mile is must. Each year is another opportunity to recognize your employees for their efforts and loyalty. Organizing an award banquet also acts as an element of motivation for newcomers to give their best in the future. This can also promote healthy competition in the workplace. If this type of award organization is new to you, we’ll help you get started! Below are the three most popular categories for employee awards.

Performance Awards

It’s time to come alive and to shine! An award ceremony is a great reason to dress up, celebrate and let loose with colleagues and supervisors alike — all under one roof! Some of the most commonly recognized performance awards go the following:

  • Employee of the Month or Year
  • The Mountain Mover
  • Most Improved Performer

Tenure or Retirement Awards

Time is of the essence. In today’s work environment, it can be difficult to find someone who is loyal and willing to grow with your new business venture. But time and experience in the same company, year after year, eventually works in their favor. Some employees may eventually hit retirement in the same business after several decades of service. Here are some award title examples for the experienced and loyal employees:

  • Company Excellence Award
  • Outstanding Service Year After Year
  • Most Loyal and Determined

Most Valued Awards

Sure, performance awards are always a hit. Retirement and seniority are also widely recognized. But it shouldn’t end there. Employees who are punctual, never take time off and are fair to others should also get some kind of recognition. These employees bring about good behavior and motivation from their colleagues. Here are some corporate award titles focusing on value:

  • The Trend Setter
  • Business Motivator
  • Social Butterfly Award