The Secret Meaning of an Engraved Award

Glide Award JC1020

The great English poet John Keats, knowing he was soon to die from tuberculosis, and fearing that he hadn’t really made his mark on the world, famously asked that his tombstone be inscribed not with his name, but only with the statement, “Here lies One Whose Name was writ in Water.” Meaning perhaps, one whose memory would evaporate and be forgotten as soon as he was gone.

Even if we’re not all literary giants like Keats, we each hope to have our accomplishments, our triumphs, not only rewarded, but just as importantly, recorded – to see them inscribed in a medium more permanent than writing on water. That’s why an engraved award carries an emotional weight for the recipient that goes far beyond its status as a symbol of recognition. It’s kind of the official documentation that while we were here, we did something that mattered enough to earn us the praise of our colleagues.

The Power Behind Engraved Awards

How do we praise those who have gone above and beyond expectations, proving that their names need to be cemented? Modern day inclination is no different than the expectations that Keats and his contemporaries had. In the corporate world, nothing shines more than a personalized gift or award. While it’s certainly helpful if the gift in question is luxurious, what matters most in the inscription. An engraved plaque or award stands out because it is ultimately rare, as it only recognizes the accomplishments of those who are lucky to have their name on it.

An engraved gift is permanent and can never be replaced, making it a sentimental work of art. Employees want to be recognized by the world, just like Keats. While Keats never received the acclaim he truly deserved, modern-day workers and artists can have their accomplishments emboldened and rendered timeless with simple but poignant awards that feature their exploits. Which means that a trophy, plaque or other award, whatever achievement it’s meant to pay tribute to, should exude durability and excellence in craftsmanship. Whether it’s made of acrylic, glass, crystal, pewter or some other material, it should clearly show the craftsmanship that went into its production, and the engraved message should carry a freight of significance for the person who’s receiving it.

Engraved Gift Ideas

Gifts always have to fit the occasion and like Keats’ spoiled expectations, the award must justify a solid achievement, as if a mark has been left on the world. As the giftee, you have to understand how much value the award will have towards the recipient. If this is their first award with your company, it must be celebrated as a significant milestone. For major awards that are meant to be displayed to the rest of the workforce, consider engraved glass trophies that can be proudly shown off in offices. Awards that are coupled with large events, such as ceremonies, should have a larger-than-life aura to them. To differentiate between gifts and to make each stand out, think about how powerful art glass awards will look like during photo-ops.

Some accolades are best left behind closed doors in intimate moments of recognition. If your employee has just received a prestigious promotion or deserves a top sales award, forget about flashy, performative gifts. Instead, recognize their achievements and successes in the workplace with luxury corporate gifts. Follow in the footsteps of Keats and gift employees engraved pen sets that will set their note-taking apart in the boardroom. Those who get job done on time deserve to adorn their desks with engraved Waterford crystal clocks, which double both as a timepiece and personable work of art. Corporate gifts such as these serve a practical purpose but they’re also far more intimate in nature. Employees will cherish them as their careers continue to flourish.

So, when choosing an award to recognize a valued individual in your organization, take the time to choose the right design and message to show the importance of the occasion (we’ll be happy to discuss it with you and offer our advice). The recipient will appreciate that you did.