Things to Consider When Choosing Awards for Your Recognition Event

One of the most important ways you can help set your workers up for success is by recognizing them frequently. Employees who are recognized and appreciated for their work on a consistent basis tend to provide greater results. One of the best ways to make employees feel seen is to recognize them with personalized corporate gifts.

We preach the importance of employee recognition programs because they’re proven to work. Because each company has different needs, interests, styles and budgets, we offer hundreds of different types of corporate gifts and awards. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver trophies and awards that are personalized to your liking, making them perfect for your recognition awards ceremony. But we also know that sometimes, such a huge number of choices can be daunting, especially when you factor in all of the customization features we offer.

When it comes to personalized corporate gifts, it’s important to not get too stressed or worried – doing so can just harm the intent of the gift. Employees can tell when their corporate gifts have a ‘committee’ feel to them.

If you’re having us engrave your awards, be sure to make your message appropriate for the occasion. In most cases, an engraved trophy or award can simply contain your company’s name, logo, the employee’s name, and the reason why they’re being recognized. If you’re awarding a large team, invite team members to contribute to award captions and/or recognition ideas – it will make the event all the more exciting.

How Long Will My Custom Award Order Take?

How long does it take to an engrave a corporate gift or award? Not long at all. We understand that recognition events can spring up at the last minute, which is why we’re pleased to offer expedited service that will have your personalized award ready just in time for your ceremony.

Engraving is the easy part of personalized corporate gifts, so what about the gifts themselves?

Helpful Tips On What To Prioritize When Considering Recognition Award Ideas

Plan ahead.

Schedule your recognition events and ask your employees what types of corporate gifts they’d be interested in. Do they appreciate office accessories like business card holders for desks or engraved nameplates? Are they interested in heirloom-style, luxury corporate gifts like pewter trays and plates? Take a low-key survey so you know you’re in tune with what your employees want, but not so much that you ruin the surprise.

In addition to brainstorming recognition award ideas in advance, take note of when your event will be. If it’s near the end of the year, it could be wise to consider awarding personalized Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers like engraved pens. Small tokens of appreciation alongside larger, more luxurious corporate gifts will have your employees smiling as they kick off the holiday festivities.

Consider the number of awards you need.

Are you recognizing the efforts of a large department? Choose easy-to-personalize items like acrylic plaques, engraved pens or desk card holders.

For a unique corporate gift that has your employees talking, consider art glass awards. Art glass awards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each worthy of being in a museum. All of our art glass awards are individually made, meaning no two pieces from the same design will be the same.

Think about what fits your company culture.

Are you an office who often celebrates successes together as a team? Consider luxury corporate gifts like crystal barware and champagne buckets for the boardroom, perfect for those Friday end-of-week celebrations.

For a more intimate gift that recognizes individual accomplishments, consider personalized trophies and awards that the recipient can display on their desk or in their office. Encouraging outstanding employees to display their awards on their desks will create friendly competition in the office, inviting others to work harder so they can one day receive their very own corporate awards.

Think about perpetual plaques employee of the month or top sales awards if you want to keep the recognition in the office to display employee or team successes. Perpetual plaques are a great way to create a sense of succession amongst employees and can breed a healthy environment of competition. If you want to show succession on a grander scale, consider large acrylic plaques to display one after another on a shelf in the common room – perfect for when you’re awarding a category that comes around once a year. Employees will love the idea of seeing their name highlighted on a plaque – it makes them feel celebrated and recognized.

Looking to step up your award game?

If you know your cohorts appreciate the finer things in life, and love to display trophies and plaques in their offices, consider beautiful crystal awards or art glass trophy awards. Want something bolder? You can never go wrong with premium Waterford crystal clocks. The epitome of luxurious corporate awards, Waterford clocks will have your employee humming with joy. They’re the perfect choice for a top sales award or closing an important client.

The biggest thing to remember when choosing your awards is that personalized corporate gifts are the best corporate gifts. Employees who feel seen as an individual and not just a cog in the wheel are more likely to stay at the company longer, work harder, stay engaged and have higher job satisfaction. What manager doesn’t want that?