Unique Corporate Gifts You Should Consider for Your Next Recognition Event

Employers understand that corporate recognition events are an important way to acknowledge the accomplishments of workers and managers. These events are key to building and boosting morale and motivation within the workplace. The more employees feel valued and recognized, the longer they’ll stay loyal to their employer. One simply cannot put a price on employee loyalty, especially during tumultuous periods.

Ultimately, the best way to maintain morale and to make employees feel genuinely valued is through corporate gifts. Small offerings throughout the year make employees feel incentivized to work harder and provide even sharper results. Employees spend around half their day at work and want to find meaning and purpose behind their pursuits and career. As employers, it’s important to fulfill the emotional and mental needs of employees by stimulating them with praise and physical offerings that make them feel valued.

The Power of Personalized Gifts

Employers can sometimes feel stumped when searching for recognition award ideas. Each employee is different and has unique wants and needs. It’s important to eliminate gift ideas that aren’t corporate-focused as employers should try and tie in a reward to work. This means no flowers, gift cards, or gift baskets. Gifts like these are great for outside of the workplace. A quality corporate gift should directly reflect the values of the organization and, in some way, highlight the employee’s accomplishments. This is why personalized trophies and awards are extremely popular in the corporate world.

If employers have already showered their employees with personalized trophies and awards, as well as an assortment of plaques, it can be difficult to come up with recognition award ideas that are truly unique. This is when employers tend to fall into the trap of gifting non-work-related gifts, such as flowers and gift cards. Luckily, there are a variety of unique corporate gifts available that employees will cherish, perhaps even more than their already beloved plaques and trophies.

Recognize Employees with Unique Gifts

The search for unique corporate gifts doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, the pursuit for corporate gifts that stand out is an easy journey – just pick gifts that go against the mold. Personalized trophies and awards are a fantastic choice for gifts but it’s too often that employers give the same, generic designs.

For an award that truly stands out and goes against the mold, consider art glass awards. As their title suggests, art glass awards are hand-crafted and made from glass, each model boasting a different design and array of colors. Art glass awards come in all shapes and sizes and make for a great conversation starter. Have each unique-looking award engraved with the recipient’s name and their distinction. Not only does it function as a unique corporate gift, but it also doubles as a work of art that they can take with them wherever they go.

Personalized trophies and awards don’t have to be boring. Searching for a truly special top sales award? Figurine trophies are a unique offering, with each award taking on a different design. Far from stale and boring, figurine trophies are available in the shape of eagles, stars, or gold men. Imagine just how interesting a unique trophy like this would look in a recipient’s office. Plaques can also be playful and niche in design. Executive Awards has a wide variety of plaques which feature designs of stars and gavels. These trophies and plaques are far more flavorful than traditional awards.

Go Beyond Trophies and Plaques with Desk Accessories

In the spirit of giving gifts that are related to work, employers can find a bevy of awards that aren’t just trophies and plaques. One of the best gifts workers can receive is premium desk accessories that they’ll actually use at work. Employees love practical gifts as they can boost productivity. Plus, they’ll be fully personalized and engraved to make them feel truly special.

An engraved name plate is a great jumping off point. A simple gift, an engraved name plate is something that an employee can use for their entire corporate career. See if the current name plate an employee has is getting rusty. If that’s the case, consider Executive Awards’ premium and bold optic crystal engraved name plate. For the perfect accompaniment to any desk, think about how a personalized clock would look like on the recipient’s workstation. There are a wide variety of options, most of which can be customized with a beautiful message and the recipient’s name. For a luxurious corporate gift or a top sales award, a Waterford crystal clock is a great option.

What Makes a Corporate Gift Unique?

When looking for a unique corporate gift, employers should ask themselves if the award they have chosen is commonly given or seen in offices. Chances are that the offerings listed above, aside from the desk accessories, are completely unique and special. The goal is to go against the mold, to deliver a gift that is special because it’s uncommon. As for desk accessories, which are found in offices around the world, the goal is to make them as personalized as possible. The way to turn any gift unique is to have it engraved or personalized, making it special just for the recipient. To make the gift-giving moment special, consider putting the corporate award in a special box.

When giving gifts to a team or larger group, it’s important to not give everyone the same award. Try and make sure that every gift, whether it’s a desk accessory, engraved trophy, or plaque, is different in design. On that note, the corporate gifts should hold the same value if gifting different awards. To celebrate a team, it can be a great idea to have the engravement speak to a larger accomplishment, to make the awards — no matter how different they are — more unified.