Waterford’s Crystal and Glass Awards are all Over Pro Sports

We’ve all seen championship trophies. Many of them are metal sculptural trophies on bases, or cup-shaped trophies. But Waterford, the leader in beautiful crystal craftsmanship, creates many crystal awards for different sports organizations. (They’re the best – that’s why we use them for some of our products, too!). Unfortunately, crystal isn’t exactly the sturdiest material; it’s a type of glass. So occasionally, these elegant pieces collide with the ecstatic celebration of a team who has just won a tournament, and what was once a beautiful trophy ends up on the ground in thousands of pieces.

Mishaps with Glass and Crystal Championship Trophies

Some fun highlights of sports teams that accidentally destroyed the thing they spent the season working so hard for are:


The Superbowl XXXV Waterford Crystal Trophy

When the Ravens won Superbowl XXXV, they were gifted a beautiful, mouth-blown crystal Waterford football trophy to commemorate the event. Eight master craftsmen spent over 150 hours creating it, and it features a frosted hexagon with the Ravens name and an image of their helmet. Waterford took the reins with this one, and donated it to the Hall of Fame. It has stayed intact so far; fingers crossed it stays that way. But given how many times Waterford and others have been burnt by players that are too excited and a little clumsy? No offense, but it might be time for pro sports to think about acrylic trophies.