What Steps Can I Take to Fit Employee Awards Into my Budget?

Employee recognition programs are proven to increase your employees’ satisfaction with their jobs and their loyalty to your company. But if you’re middle management, you probably have a budget to work with, and it’s probably pretty tight. That doesn’t mean you can’t still figure out a way to do it. A big way to reduce the cost of an incentive program is to forego hiring a company to do it for you. With a little online research and a few questions to your employees, you can design your own program that’s perfect for you. Another big thing is to know where to look for unique corporate gifts that can fit any budget – something Gilson’s is great at. Also, don’t forget to look at the tax benefits of having one of these programs, because some are exempt from payroll taxes.

Why You Should Find the Space to Implement an Employee Awards Program

Why is it so important to consider adding employee awards to your budget? The answer is twofold: employees want them, and they’re proven to be successful. Almost 60% of employees think incentive or reward programs are the best way for superiors to improve employee engagement. Employees also say they’d be more productive if they were recognized regularly, but studies vary from 40%-69% for estimates of what percentage feel this way. 63% of employees who are recognized regularly are very likely to stay with your company long-term.

Recognition Award Ideas for Your New Employee Incentive Program

In today’s corporate landscape, the options for recognition awards are virtually endless. They can range from digital gift cards and branded company swag to elegant acrylic trophies. When considering the right recognition awards for your new employee incentive program, it’s crucial to do your research and select options that align with your program’s goals. While the possibilities are diverse, keep two fundamental principles in mind: every award should be personal and unique.

A Personal Touch is The Heart of Great Recognition

A personalized touch is what sets recognition awards and gifts apart. It’s a reminder to your employees that their contributions are valued and acknowledged. The more personalized an award, the more profound its impact. Consider awards that can be customized with the recipient’s name, a meaningful message, or specific details that make it uniquely theirs. Personalized awards demonstrate a genuine understanding of an employee’s individuality and achievements.

Making a Lasting Impression with Unique Corporate Gifts

Uniqueness is the key to making a lasting impression. Your awards should stand out, reflecting the distinctiveness of your employee’s contributions. Avoid the mundane and opt for awards that capture the essence of the accomplishment. It might be a beautifully crafted acrylic trophy or a unique piece of company swag that sparks pride. Unique awards not only celebrate achievement but also convey the value your organization places on individual and collective success.

Your Gifts Should Be Tailored to Your Program

Remember that the right recognition awards should align with the goals and nature of your employee incentive program. Whether you’re emphasizing team collaboration or individual growth, the awards you choose should be a reflection of your program’s values. Tailoring your awards to your program ensures they are not more than tokens of appreciation. You want them to become integral components of your employee engagement strategy.