When You Want to Recognize an Achievement, Give the Gift of Crystal

When the achievement is big–the recipient went way above and beyond expectations–many of our customers feel the only way to properly say “thank you” is with crystal.

For good reasons.

Of all the common corporate award materials, crystal is perceived to have the highest value. It is heavier, for one thing, but also more elegant and durable than alternatives like acrylic. Etching on the front and back covey gravitas.

Crystal awards are appropriate for years of service recognition; retirement awards and gifts; performance achievements such as exceeding sales quotas, target margins or profitability; customer service excellence, leadership or innovation.

An engraved crystal award is, in short, an unparalleled way to recognize outstanding effort by an employee or team.

Dozens of Choices

Here at Executive Awards by Gilson’s, we offer over 100 different options for engraved crystal awards:

  • Awards ranging in price from $78 to over $300
  • Styles that fit your award’s purpose, recipient, message, logistics, and display area
  • Personalization options
  • Unique shapes
  • Metal and color-accented awards

Among many others, our styles include:

  1. Arch, with a clean, contemporary shape;
  2. Crystal Flame, with a jeweled edge that creates a prism-like effect;
  3. Enlighten, with sweeping lines that evoke the fire of a true achiever;
  4. Homage, with fit-for-a king sparkling facets;
  5. Infinia, made of chrome-plated resin with a sold blue optic crystal base, offering a contrast that ensures your award will be long remembered;
  6. Pillar, both stately and refined;
  7. Phase II, with graduated optic spires that interprets the journey to success; and
  8. Spiro, an art glass piece featuring colorful swirls, musical patterns of suspended air bubbles, and free-flowing shapes that make for captivating conversation pieces.

We also offer crystal plaques, trophies, clocks and ornaments, along with glasses, bowls, vases, ice buckets and more in Waterford crystal.

If nothing in our vast catalog suits your needs, we will happily create a custom award to your liking.

Reflect the Glimmer of Pure Achievement

Appreciated employees give their all when it’s obvious management is taking note.

University of Buffalo research indicates that employees are rarely motivated by compensation alone. In fact, a 2011 study by Globoforce Motivation Worldwide showed that 65% of employees satisfied with their job would put in more effort with better recognition.

The reward needs to carry the same status that made the achievement great. Crystal is illuminating, classy and beautiful. A crystal award sitting on an office desk or shelf mirrors the shine of pure achievement, the brilliance of success, and the radiance of a doing one’s best.

Get Personal

At Executive Awards, each gift can be personalized so employees feel individually appreciated – engraving can be tailored to each recipient. Ask for nicknames, favorite sayings, achievements, sports or hobbies, etc.

Even if you are purchasing gifts for a diverse corporate team, we can provide something unique for everyone. Call, send an email, or fill out our contact form. We’ll be happy to discuss your budget, purpose, and taste preferences. Our selection advice is personal, because we aim to please.

Free Extras

At Executive Awards, you get free design, proofing and setup on all orders! To learn more, visit our contact page, or speak directly with our Corporate Sales Manager at 1-800-906-7654 [email protected].

Call during business hours, or email at any time, and you will get a hands-on personal experience from our devoted corporate sales department. You will get a real live person every time you call, and the most helpful and tactful assistance with your order.