Why Engraved Glass Gifts Should Headline Your Organization’s Next Recognition Event

Struggling to come up with employee award ideas ahead of your organization’s upcoming recognition event? An easy way to make your search easier is by sticking to one material: glass. Stick with glass and it’ll be easy to find a multitude of corporate gift options. Why glass? It’s a material that symbolizes strength, success, and luxury. Beyond that, engraved glass gifts have a premium feel to them. They offer a unique and elegant way to recognize and honor the achievements of employees and fellow executives, no matter the budget.

Engraved Glass Gifts Are Versatile & Timeless

When you think of engraved glass gifts, it can be difficult to think of just one thing. That’s because glass gifts can mean so many different things. Glass, as a whole, is a material that is versatile and can be use on practically every occasion. Whether it’s for a company anniversary, a top sales award, an entire team’s success, or an individual achievement, an engraved glass gift can be tailored to reflect the specific occasion and the recipient’s accomplishments. A glass gift becomes special the moment it’s personalized. This means engraving the recipient or team’s name, highlighting their distinction or accomplishment, and the organization’s logo.

Beyond versatility, consider how “corporate swag” can quickly grow out of fashion. Trends are constant, coming and going. While it’s admirable to give personalized corporate gifts that are “in”, it’s more than likely that what is popular now will become stale and perhaps even laughable in a few years, making the corporate gift more of a joke than a genuine token of appreciation. On that note, consider how timeless glass is a material. The material has been used for centuries, at least since ancient Egypt. While glass serves a practical purpose, it continues to hold dominance as an aesthetically pleasuring material, one that can be found in several homes and offices.

There are glass figures, statues, awards, plaques, and much, much more. An engraved glass gift will age like fine wine and won’t go to the way of silly bands or fidget spinners. Your employees will appreciate receiving a personalized corporate gift that they can cherish for the next year, decade, and more, well into retirement. Why? Because glass gifts are not cheap in design. Glass is a durable and elegant material that is resistant to wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for an award that will be displayed and admired for years to come. Want something even more durable? Acrylic is a great substitute that holds the same significance as glass. Consider acrylic plaques, awards, and figures for an upcoming corporate recognition event.

Glass Gifts Are a Classic for A Reason

Engraved glass gifts have a timeless and classic appeal that is perfect for corporate awards. They are elegant and sophisticated, and they convey a sense of prestige and accomplishment. Any office would be lucky to have a clean and sleek engraved glass gift. They are perfect for any all type of offices. Beyond that, they make for great conversation starters, encouraging recipients to share their story and their accomplishments with others. Imagine how the recipient of a top sales award could tell a prospective client about their accomplishments as a representative of your company. All awards, whether they be personalized plaques or engraved pens, tell a story. What kind of story can an engraved glass gift tell? An unlimited amount.

What is an Engraved Glass Gift?

When organizations think of engraved glass gifts, they most likely think of glass trophy awards, i.e., typical corporate gifts. This is a fair assessment, and there’s a reason why glass trophies and awards are popular: because they’re timeless. However, consider how glass has different uses, and how those different uses can be translated into personalized corporate gifts for employees.  Gifts can include personalized barware, to either take home or keep at the office. This can mean engraved beer glasses, mugs for coffee, and so much more. There also engraved plaques made out of glass to consider.

For a more inventive engraved glass gift, consider art glass awards. Executive Awards boasts a wide and diverse variety of art glass awards that come in various shapes and sizes. Each art glass award is different in design, shape, and color. All art glass awards are handblown, meaning no two pieces will be alike. To make these personalized corporate gifts even more special, they feature engravable plates, which can hold the recipient’s name, job title, achievement, and the organization’s logo.

Don’t Forget Crystal is Glass

While glass is typically considered a luxurious material to make corporate gifts from, it’s possible to take it a step further. Crystal is glass, meaning one of the world’s most precious and beloved materials is accessible to employees who work hard. Crystal recognition awards come in all shapes and sizes, just like the engraved glass gifts discussed above. For the most powerful workers, consider treating them to an engraved crystal clock they keep on their desk as a reminder for all their hard work. Have the crystal personalized clock feature their name, as well as their accomplishment. It will continue to motivate them. Crystal plaques are also great corporate gifts. Not only will they start a conversation because they’re so bold, beautiful, and pristine, but they will also stand out as a true luxurious item that the recipient will want to flaunt. Other crystal awards can include figurines.