Why There are Different Ways to Engrave an Award Plaque

How craftsmen choose to engrave a trophy, award or plaque really depends on the client’s needs. Is it an acrylic trophy? A metal plate on a wood backing? Is it a glass or crystal award? And there are other questions to ask as well, like is the engraving an image or text? What font and what size? Sometimes, you can also add color to engravings.

Different Engraving Methods for Different Materials:

Here’s a quick rundown of how different personalized trophies, awards or plaques might be engraved:

  • Laser Engraving
    Beams of light are used to create very neat and specific words, patterns or images. Laser engraving can be used on many different materials, including metals, stones, leather and wood. But it can only be done on flat surfaces.
  • Rotary Engraving
    A spinning cutting tool works to remove material from the plaque/trophy/etc. It can be used on plastics, wood and any type of metal, and can vary greatly in size depending on the tip used. However, it usually requires cleanup afterward.
  • Abrasive Etching
    Mostly used on crystal, this method includes sandblasting and allows for very finely detailed designs. This is different than traditional etching, which uses acids to eat away the material in order to create a design.
  • Diamond Drag Engraving
    This method uses a diamond tip to almost draw the engraving the way you would use a pen. It is extremely precise and most resembles authentic hand engraving. It’s most commonly used on crystal and stone.
  • UV Printing
    This method isn’t exactly engraving, but it is a permanent printing process. Fast drying ink is exposed to UV rays to achieve the desired design.
  • Direct Engraving (Hand Engraving)
    Most often used on metal, this method includes using a variety of tools to manually etch a design into the surface. This is an intricate method requiring an expert artist to create infinitely customizable designs.

We do have an expert craftsman on our staff that does beautiful hand engraving on some of our products. We also love laser engraving for its accuracy, speed and affordability for the client. Ask us today about what we can do for you and your desired order to create some truly unique corporate gifts!