Working From Home Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Celebrate

A virtual workplace doesn’t mean employees don’t want to be rewarded with physical awards and gifts. The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed many companies to shift to a permanent work-from-home structure. As empowering as that is for both the employee and employer, it can spell bad news for corporate culture and morale. After all, if everyone is working from home and conducting meetings virtually, where’s the time to have informal discussions with the boss or a co-worker, or even better, celebrate one another? Celebrations, though mostly infrequent, are some of the best ways to boost morale for your team or office, whether it’s for landing a new client, or a retirement party for a beloved co-worker.

As more companies, big and small, continue to shift to wholly virtual remote workplaces, managers and executives are thinking about how to retain and promote their company’s culture. How can team members feel like they’re a part of a team when they’re not face to face with their co-workers? One of the best ways to recognize employees is through tangible corporate gifts and awards that highlight their distinction. Most employees work from their laptops, which often doubles as a device for personal leisure. Something tangible nearby to remind remote employees of their accomplishments can help to connect them to their team and your brand.

Virtual Accomplishments Deserve Physical Acclaim

When workers do something outstanding virtually, it’s easy to say it’s difficult to celebrate their accomplishments due to the restricted natures of the digital workplace. While their work may have been virtual, their accomplishments can be translated into personalized tokens of appreciation. Now more than ever employees need to be physically reminded of their skills and contributions to the workplace. Trophies and awards are not only a reminder of the tasks and events they succeeded at but also a rare token in a world that’s increasingly becoming more digital. Despite the booming market of NFTs and virtual goods, physical, tangible products continue to hold more weight in the eyes of the consumer, or in this case the awardee.

Working from home can be a liberating but isolating experience, one that’s mostly devoid of recognition and camaraderie. As the shift continues, it’s important to think about how moments of recognition and celebration can persist. Personalized corporate gifts and tokens of appreciation, whether they be awards to show off on a home desk or plaques to hang, can be a great reminder of success that is divorced from the larger, virtual ether that is the digital workplace