Your Next Wedding Gift Is Easy – Personalized Glasses And Decanters

Bluegrass Decanter JC6251Wedding season is upon us and whether you are planning one or attending one, things can get stressful. One thing that doesn’t have to be, are gifts for your bridesmaids, groomsmen or the happy couple. While minimalism in our society is becoming more popular, finding things to gift is becoming more difficult. Fortunately, one thing that never goes out of style – and will always be useful – is drinkware. And why not go the extra mile to personalize it with a custom monogram, date or logo and make it sparkle even more? It’s easy to picture your best man, years from now, pouring his favorite whiskey into his favorite glass – one with his name on it – and thinking about the time he made your dad laugh during his speech at your wedding. Your friends will never want to use another glass again.

What says more than memories?

Every year, on May 15th, my parents open up a bottle of red wine and pull out their customized champagne glasses that were gifted to them on their wedding day 35 years ago. They sit down in their favorite chairs and reminisce on the day that legally bonded them as husband and wife. I always smile at the thought of these simple, yet beautiful, glasses bringing out so many happy memories for the both of them – what a wonderful prize. So practice your toast and give the timeless gift of memories with personalized wine glasses, beer or whiskey glasses, and decanters – a gift they will never forget.