Recognize Accomplishment with Custom Engraved Acrylic Trophies

Winning can be quite thrilling, but it’s the memory of that accomplishment that lasts long after the win has become passing history.

The award is a lasting picture of an incredible moment. Make it last with a timeless, custom engraved award.

At Gilson’s Executive Awards, we believe in setting a high standard for quality recognition. We specialize in a wide selection of custom engraved awards, from acrylic trophies, clocks, trays, and plaques, made of the finest materials and craftsmanship. We believe an award should truly complement an accomplishment. It should be just as prestigious as the recognition itself.

Customized Designs, Intricate Stylings

We’re not an ecommerce shop. Everything we produce is customized, made to order. We use the finest materials, including sterling silver, pewter and other metals, and the finest woods such as walnut, cherry, and mahogany. If an accomplishment deserves to be recognized, it deserves to be remembered forever with grace and style. We believe the best awards are truly works of art, to be admired for their quality and craftsmanship.

That’s why many of our awards, whether acrylic designed trophies or silver plaques, are custom engraved. Most of our work is done by machine, or upon special order, hand engraved by our master artisan Tony Gilson.

Not sure what to get? Give us a call during business hours. Your call will be directly answered by a Gilson’s employee who can suggest the perfect trophy, based on your budget and specifications. We have made a career of building personal relationships with our customers. It’s about integrity, because after all, the best recognition is honest and deserving.

Every Conversation Has to Start Somewhere

Keep in mind that what you see on these pages is merely a representation of what is possible. These glass trophies and awards are intricately customizable. Every detail can be custom designed to your exact specification. The awards you see here are really just to get the conversation started.
It is in the uniqueness of choice where the true art of comes into being. You’re not ordering from a catalog. You are commissioning art. That means just about anything you need can be done. These are beautiful awards designed to stand the test of time. Every detail can be commissioned to your exact liking.

Personalized Art for Great Achievement

It is through our customization that these employee award ideas become truly personable. Let them reflect the character and taste of the person being recognized. Great accomplishment mirrors character. Custom design an art glass award that inspires and speaks to them. It’s their moment. Make it last with a timeless, beautiful award personally customized for their admiration.