Why the Best Employee Award Ideas Have a Personalized Touch

Success requires plenty of hard work. Achieving it takes commitment and sacrifice. Your team is spending long hours away from home, hobbies, family. They’re giving their time, their lives so the project can succeed.

The reward should be so much more than a just a healthy paycheck. That may feed the bank account and pay bills, but it doesn’t feed the soul. Only recognition can do that.

And recognition for the hard work that produces success needs to be personal. There’s sacrifice involved, so it really needs to mean something. That’s why it’s so important that employee award ideas come from the heart.

To truly resonate, the best awards are personal, customized and long lasting. Gilson’s offers custom engraving for all its executive awards. Say whatever you want. Include a business logo, favorite saying, even a reference to an amusing joke the team may have made during a project. It’s up to you. Gilson’s does personalized engraving so you can say something that has special meaning to the individual, that commemorates the sanctity of the moment. We add that special touch that makes an idea for an employee award come to life.

Custom Engraving on High Quality Materials

Gilson’s prides itself on personalized quality. We use only the best materials, the finest wood such as walnut, cherry, and mahogany, high quality glass and crystal, the finest timepieces, pewter and silver. We create awards of substance designed to stand the test of time.

We also work with high quality manufacturers such as Waterford, AT Cross, Seiko, Bulova and Wilton Armetale.

High Quality, Timely Spontaneity

We pride ourselves on creating exceptional, pristine awards, but we understand that recognition needs to be timely. What’s more, remarkable success isn’t always planned. Sometimes you need an award on the fly, as soon as somebody has done something truly noteworthy, while the achievement is still fresh and on everyone’s mind.

That’s why we strive for a fast turnaround process. Simple engraving can be done in as little as a day to ship back. Ideally, we prefer to have at least one stage of proofing to ensure accuracy. But if you need an order shipped now, we’ll be happy to accommodate.