Lasting Plaques, Works of Art Perfect for Awards

It’s relatively easy for companies to find the perfect employee of the month or salesman of the quarter. A manager simply has to pick the top performer. The difficulty lies in finding the corporate gift or personalised award for the recipient. Finding a unique corporate gift can prove to be challenging, especially if the winner of said award has a slew of recognitions and trophies under their belt.

Taking a look at the options available, it may be hard to choose a recognition award that truly stands out . Should you bestow a pewter trophy cup, an acrylic plaque, a glass art award, a quality corporate gift item, or something else? What materials should the award be made of? If your employee award is custom engraved, what message should it carry? Should you make your choice based on price or quality?

Engraved Plaques Can Be Proudly Displayed

There are no easy answers to finding the perfect gift. And while perfection is difficult to achieve, it is possible to find an engraved corporate gift that employees can proudly display with any set up. Engraved plaques are a great option when trying to come up with employee recognition award ideas. Award plaques are special in how they easily and succinctly display written text and accolades. They’re a straight-forward way in recognizing an employee. Engraved with the company’s logo, the recipient’s distinction, and name, award plaques are straight to the point and are a valued asset in motivating employees to continue working hard.

Like all personalized trophies and awards, plaques come in different sizes, shapes, and can be made from a wide variety of materials. Some are designed to stand on desks like traditional trophies and awards, while others can find their place on the wall, where coworkers and clients can see them displayed.

Different Types of Award Plaques

Looking for an engraved glass gift that stands out? Award plaques can be made from screened glass, making them stand out as unique and premium. If the employee has their own office, it can be wise to take advantage of that and gift an award plaque that can hang on the wall. Hangable plaques are typically made from high-quality wood. Looking for a corporate gift that can be displayed on a desk or shelf? Look no further than acrylic plaques, which delicately play with the light. Acrylic plaques are tough and built to last, meaning recipients will always be able to cherish them.

Want to treat the best salespeople and looking for sales goals awards that exude charm and personality? Engraved crystal plaques are a fantastic premium choice that are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes. For a more unique corporate gift with a sentimental touch, one can’t go wrong with photo plaques. Displayed next to a captured memory, these plaques succeed at eliciting emotions and celebrating moments of success in the corporate workplace.

The Beauty of Perpetual Plaques

Organizations should create a narrative with their monthly or annual distinctions or titles. If a company has employee of the month or top salesman awards, they should focus on creating a sense of succession amongst their employees. The best way to do so is through large perpetual plaques that can be displayed in common areas. Perpetual plaques create a sense of friendly completion amongst colleagues and teammates as they try to outdo one another in the name of success and achievement.

Perpetual plaques showcase different winners of the title in question, showing them side by side, creating a narrative of advancement within the company. Employee of the month perpetual plaques are especially great as they can create a drive within an employee, allowing them to imagine how they can succeed and prosper in the workplace, receiving the attention of managers and executives. Perpetual plaques are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 12 to 144 plates.

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Call us during business hours and speak directly with a trophies and plaque professional. You’ll discuss your budget, needs, timeline, and preferences. We can help you decide if you have trouble making up your mind. The possibilities are endless when trying to find the perfect corporate gift for standout employees, but perfection is what we do best for each corporate award or luxury business gift.

Not sure what your corporate award needs are? We are here to help. We have been specializing in the employee gifts and executive awards space for the last 40 years. We have plenty of unique award ideas to make your event special. Due to our intricate level of personalization and attention to detail, each award can be individually crafted to recognize each team member. With our large variety of trophies and plaques, you are giving something special that is a beautiful work of art. It will stand out on a shelf and be a great conversation piece. Give us a call. We have plenty of ideas on how to make your luxury corporate award or gift special, memorable and personal. It will be something you’ll be proud to use to represent your business. Plus, it serves as an inspiration for the entire team.

We feature glass and crystal plaques, perpetual plaques, photo plaques, clock plaques, and more. Each award plaque is engraved by one of our machine engraving artists. We use only the finest materials to create an award that is truly a work of art, built to last and be remembered forever.

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