Engraved Custom Nameplates Leave a Remarkable Impression

Your name is you. An engraved name plate represents who you are, often to potential clients whom you’ve just met.

First impressions are everything, especially when it’s your name engraved on the surface.

Style, class, and professionalism should be central to any engraved custom nameplate. It’s the flag mast of your desk, the name announcing your office. It creates an impression that should shine and amaze from the very first glance.

Gilson’s Executive Awards has been redefining the space since our founder Tony Gilson, opened his first store in Downtown Cincinnati in the Dixie Terminal Building in 1974. We bring a special level of class and distinction to our work, which we’ve come to regard as serious works of art.

Fine Materials of Remarkable Quality

We use only the highest quality of materials, including pewter and silver, the finest woods such as walnut, cherry, and mahogany. We partner with the best manufacturers in the industry, including Waterford, AT Cross, Seiko, Bulova and Wilton Armetale.

The result is a truly elegant and impressive product you’ll be happy to put your name on. Greatness bestows success. We believe that creating a truly great impression to display your name makes all the difference in defining who you are.

Choose a simple name plate or options that allow for business card display, pen sets or clocks. We have a range of options. Bring a special level of professionalism to your office. We create a special product of refinement and class that will set you apart and be remembered.

Need Ideas for Inspired Custom Engraving? Call Us!

Looking for a way to truly distinguish yourself? Since we can do just about anything, the customization options for our executive gifts, plaques and trophies are pretty much unlimited. We admit that can be a little overwhelming, especially given your likely demanding schedule and workload. You want something that sets your name apart from all the rest, but you might not have the time to find the perfect idea yourself, nor is that a job you’d like to leave to your secretary.

That’s where we come. Give us a call or fill out a contact form (or have your people do so), and your inquiry will be personally answered by a Gilson’s sales professional. We have mastered the executive gifts and awards space for over 40 years. Over the decades, we have become virtual artisans in this craft, not only when it comes to the design but in creating customization options that set your product apart while still remaining defined and distinguished. We’d love to help, and it wouldn’t take much effort or time on your part. We guarantee you’ll be impressed with the efficiency and ease of the process, as well as the result. We have perfected this craft with high quality, delivering the perfect corporate gift customized and suited to your unique tastes. That is what we do best.