A New Standard in Engraved Presentation Trays for Retiring Board Members

The reward for a truly great career is more than just success. It’s about reputation and legacy. Retiring board members deserve a luxury and personal parting gift at their retirement. Their entire career has been about building the company to what it is today. Recognize a truly exceptional career with engraved presentation trays for retiring board members.

The beauty of a hand-engraved sterling silver presentation tray is its functionality. It can be displayed in an office or living area, or used as decoration for prestigious parties, and serves to recognize a job well done. It’s true recognition that is timeless and exceptional.

Gilson’s prides itself on leading the corporate gift and awards industry in quality, selection, and customer service. Everything we produce is uniquely customized and tailored to the recipient. Most of our work is machine engraved, but hand engraving is available by our master artisan Tony Gilson, who has set the standard in excellence since he opened the shop in 1974. We can do custom logos, cityscapes and other artistic renderings. Your satisfaction is our goal and reward.

Sterling Silver Signature Trays Perfect for Entertaining, Display or Collection

This beautiful retirement tray makes a great executive gift that is perfect for entertaining. After all, retirement is not the end, but a transition; one that allows us time to reflect, celebrate and reconnect with old friends, family and colleagues. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the company and companionship we might not otherwise have had time to before due to the business and commitments of our careers. And yet having a token of that career helps to reconnect with the past and serves as a great segue to the past. It reminds us of the accomplishments and successes, too.

A hand engraved facsimile signature on a sterling silver retirement tray makes a great conversation starter. Beautiful, it is the perfect recognition for a job well done, a career of accomplishment, a lifetime of prestige.

Machine or Hand-Engraved, Lasting Look and Quality

Whether by machine or hand, custom engraving makes beautiful, lasting commendations that convey the truly fine excellence of the occasion. Everything we do is designed to stand the test of time. We pride ourselves on using high quality materials, built to last, to create timeless awards that will be remembered for all time.

We believe in the excellence of detail. We pride ourselves on delivering a distinguished award to your exact specifications. Every presentation tray is uniquely designed and engraved to your special requirements, the perfect retirement gift to any departing board member.

We’re here to help, and we pride ourselves on premiere customer service. Give us a call. It will always be answered by a professional staff member. Your satisfaction is how we’ve succeeded in business since 1974.