Impressive Perpetual Plaques that Evolve with Time

Success is an ongoing venture. Recording a growing tally of achievements in one place, on a single perpetual plaque, is all about longevity. Consider what the perpetual plaque is for – how many plates does it need to fit? Over what time, and how often will a plate be added? At the beginning of the year or venture, when only a few names are included, the plaque needs to look full, while at the end, it shouldn’t look too crowded. That’     s why design matters. A perpetual plaque needs to encompass every step in the process so it can impart a sense of success and prestige no matter how many names it contains. But that doesn’t mean you’ve only got one design of a long-term plaque award to choose from. We do love the traditional Rosewood brass-on-wood perpetual plaque, but we also love us a modern take on an engraved crystal trophy award that serves the same purpose. Read More