The Importance of Quality and Creativity in Engraved Plaques

When it comes to choosing engraved plaques, the two most important considerations are quality and creativity. You are looking to create an impression, something the recipient will remember. It needs to be a fine award, but it also needs to be special and commemorative of the occasion and character of the moment or recognized deed.

People love getting awards and showing them off. But the award essentially represents your business or organization. Skimp on the quality, and you will not only not be truly honoring their achievement, but ultimately reflecting poorly on yourself. If the plaque or award has your company logo, this is company branding that will be out there in the world for years to come. It’s an investment in your image and reputation. Choose wisely.

Creativity is key and a great way to make the plaque remarkable. With an engraved custom plaque, you can personalize it however you want. Include favorite sayings, nicknames, or mottos. Don’t be afraid to use a sense of humor, if the occasion allows it.

Quality Materials for a Remarkable Impression

At Gilson’s Executive Awards, we pride ourselves on high quality. We regard our products as works of art. We use only the best materials, the finest wood, silver, pewter, crystal or glass. Our awards, plaques and gifts are designed to stand the test of time. We partner with the best manufacturers in the business, including Waterford, AT Cross, Seiko, Bulova and Wilton Armetale.

We also pride ourselves on a fast turnaround time. Simple engraving can be done in as little as a day and shipped to you.

We create work you’ll be proud to have represent your company or organization. We design classy, elegant professional products that make a remarkable impression.

A Tradition of Excellence

Ever since our founder, Tony Gilson opened his first store in Downtown Cincinnati in the Dixie Terminal Building in 1974, Executive Awards has been founded on a tradition of excellence. We go above and beyond to satisfy your every request and deliver you a plaque of impressive quality. We understand these plaques represent more than just the recognition itself but the integrity of your business. It serves not only to recognize top performers, but inspire the entire team to their very best. When it comes to corporate gifts, plaques or awards, we believe that nothing but the best will do.

An Intricate Design Process

What you see on this website is really just the starting point to discuss the potential of what can be done. At Gilson’s, we view the award selection process as deeply personal. After all, a plaque represents a special achievement, commemoration or anniversary. It just doesn’t get more personal than that. That is why we insist on delivering quality with an attention to detail, where every single specification you require is adhered to. We put ourselves to a higher, personalized standard than the rest of the awards marketplace. That is why we have come to set the level of quality. We give you all the options you need to make the perfect piece, the ideal selection. The end result is a specimen that is personal and meaningful to you.