Value and Prestige: Gifts to Thank and Appreciate Your Employees

We all love to be appreciated for hard work. It’s understandable. When a boss or manager takes time to notice a job well done, we’re inclined to continue to put forth the extra effort, run that extra mile it takes for the entire team to succeed.

And while thanks and appreciation are great, it also helps to grease the wheels with something even more substantial, such as corporate gift for employees, such as commemorative plaques, clocks, or pen displays. It’s something your employee can truly be proud of, which translates into empowered motivation that in turn feeds the efforts of the team and organization.

And when it comes to that commemorative employee gift, impressions are everything. Nothing cheap or mass produced will do. You want something personal that speaks to the individual, the moment, and the achievement.

Unique, Hand Crafted Quality

That’s why nothing Gilson’s Executive Awards creates is mass produced. Everything we do is custom tailored to the individual and the occasion. We’re not an ecommerce shop. We pride ourselves on making a unique impression, using quality materials that make prestigious, lasting works of art.

All of our awards are either machine engraved, or upon special order, hand engraved by master artisan Tony Gilson. He has been setting the industry standard since 1974 when he opened his first store in Downtown Cincinnati in the Dixie Terminal Building. Over the years, we have expanded our products and services and today partner with proven and reputable manufacturers such as Waterford, AT Cross, Seiko, Bulova and Wilton Armetale.

We pride ourselves on personalized customer service. Our business is built on reputation, professionalism, and personal connection. Call us during business hours, or email us, and we promise you will be personally answered by a Gilson’s professional. Not sure what your needs are? Let’s talk. We’ll find you the perfect solution to let your employees know they’re valued.

Guaranteed Quality, Exceptional Craftsmanship

You’ll love these awards, plaques and executive gifts, guaranteed. We will deliver each piece to your exact specifications. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return the item and we will refund your money. Simply save the original invoice along with your order and we will credit your account for the value of the merchandise.

But as you’ll notice as you read our testimonial page, we have plenty of satisfied customers. We have built our business on the quality of our reputation and the happiness of our clients. In fact, a great deal of our advertising comes through word of mouth. Our clients love our work and love to tell their partners, fellow business people, family and club members about it. These are works of art that people tend to cherish and value for decades to come. They are great conversation starters and tend to be the centering decor in any room they are displayed.