Choose from Crystal, Fine Wood, or Granite: Awards to Recognize Achievement

Not every achievement or win can be summed up on the bottom line of a balance sheet. Much of a company’s success happens underneath the surface, through the efforts of the employees in the trenches, working day by day to fulfill the needs and goals of a business or organization.

Those invisible wins, so central to the success of the company, need to be recognized and celebrated. Because appreciated employees will work harder, go further distances, and produce even greater wins when it’s obvious management has taken the effort to notice their contributions.

Such appreciation needs to carry the same prestige and class that made the achievement great. Crystal has an illuminating quality that is as classy as it is beautiful. A crystal award, shining bright on a desk or office shelf, reflects the glimmer of pure achievement, the dazzle of success, the radiance of a job well done.

Individually Made, Lasting Works of Art

Success cannot be mass produced, nor should the award that commemorates it. All of Gilson’s Executive Awards are tailor made. Most of our work is machine engraved, but by special request, our master artisan Tony Gilson can hand engrave an award, personalizing to order. Company logos, team sayings, inside company jokes are great ways to make the award feel personal.

We are dedicated to using top-quality materials. We always use the finest woods, including walnut, cherry, and mahogany. Our awards are made of high quality crystal, metals or wood, emblazoned with silver, pewter, or gold to make a stunning impression.

We believe in creating lasting, beautiful works of art. The process is quick, simple, and satisfying. We can turn an order around in as little as a few days. Sometimes, spontaneity is key to recognizing achievement. Create something in the moment that’s designed to stand the test of time.

Need Your Crystal Award Fast?

We believe in high craftsmanship, but that does not mean that we don’t also value spontaneity. We understand that recognition cannot always be planned. Indeed, some of the greatest accomplishments happen in a flash. It is especially important that such greatness is recognized as it happens, while it is still a living memory in the minds of the team and individual.

So if you need something right away, we’re happy to accommodate. Simple engravings can be done in as little as a day and shipped. While we prefer to allow for at least one step in the proofing process, we understand that time can be of the essence and are absolutely willing to accommodate any deadline.

That being said, no matter the speed of our work, we refuse to skimp on quality. Even rush orders are done to a high standard of craftsmanship and quality. You will find the process fast, efficient and extremely satisfying. We strive to exceed your highest standards with a beautiful award that captures the significance of the moment.