Personalized Clocks for the Esteemed Executive

Clocks measure more than just time. They serve as a reminder of how much time we have left, how much of the work day remains to accomplish that deadline. And in a sense, a clock measures what can yet be accomplished if we put our minds to it. That is why personalized clocks make the perfect executive gift.

Wide Selection of Fine Materials

We feature a wide selection of styles and materials for executive customizable clocks. Choose from crystal and glass, metal, or wood. We feature Waterwood clocks made of the finest materials and construction. These clocks are works of art that are built to last. Plus they add elegance to an office or to the lonely bookshelf in the corner.

Since clocks measure the days left in a work day, it is important they be personally styled not only to represent the business or organization, but the individual. This way they can serve as inspirations for success and bring the motivation required to carve the minutes of the workday into accomplishment. Each of our clocks are custom engraved. Decorate them with company logos, favorite sayings or memorable quotes, pictures or art work personal to the employee. Create an impression that goes well beyond the ordinary for a truly memorable clock to stylize the office.

We have been setting the standard for executive corporate gifts ever since our founder, Tony Gilson, opened his first store in Downtown Cincinnati at the Dixie Terminal Building in 1974. We serve big and small to modest companies, massive corporations, and mom and pop operations. We use the finest materials and partner with the best in the business to deliver a product that is truly exceptional. Each creation is a work of art that is built to last.

Gift Giving Superstitions

Depending on the type of business you run or who is employed at your company, gift giving should be carefully considered. Especially for international relations, researching their cultural gift giving norms is a must. The last thing you need in business is offending or miscommunicating with someone, which can put a strain on the relationship. Did you know that in many Asian countries, giving a clock or a watch as a gift is totally off-limits? For example, in China, clocks represent the quick passage of time and the word itself is closely pronounced to another word: “death”. In other parts of the world, floral arrangements are also not gifted. Since the flowers die within days, it is correlated to death or the end of something. Although a potted plant represents a growing relationship and more life. Definitely a thoughtful and widely accepted gift.