Gilson’s Personalized Hand Engraved Facsimile Signatures on a Sterling Silver Tray

A lifetime of hard work deserves one of a kind recognition.

Retirement is like a graduation. It’s moving on to a new stage of life, an award for accomplishment, a commendation for an incredible career. It deserves more than just a cake and a pat on the back. Make it special with a hand engraved facsimile signature on a sterling silver retirement tray. While much of what we produce is machine engraved, we do personal hand engraving upon special order.

Hand engraved on sterling silver by master artist Tony Gilson, our commemorative retirement trays are completely customizable, personally stylized and signatured to the individual and the occasion. We’re not an ecommerce shop. Our work is never mass produced. Everything we do is special order, a unique piece of art to stand the test of time.

Luxury Corporate Gifts of Only the Highest Quality

We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard at That is how we’ve come to raise the bar in the corporate gifts and awards space over the last 40 years. Everything we do is made of extremely high quality. We work with only the finest of materials. We insist on real pewter and silver for our executive trays. Every piece is made of extremely high craftsmanship and custom engraved by master craftsmen.

We partner with only the finest manufacturers in the business, including Waterford, AT Cross, Seiko, Bulova and Wilton Armetale.

We think you’ll be extremely pleased with the results. You’ll find the process fast, efficient, and extremely satisfying. We’ve built a reputation in this industry for unparalleled awards and luxury corporate gifts. Your happiness is guaranteed.

Capturing a Moment in History

At Gilson’s Executive Awards, we specialize in high quality products, truly commemorative to the specialness of the occasion. We set a high standard for the market. Our awards are built to last, to become a piece of history that will be remembered for all time.

And even though our awards last forever, we can turn around an order in no time at all.

Just because it’s timeless doesn’t mean it can’t also be spontaneous. Indeed, that’s often what makes art great.

We pride ourselves with a rapid turnaround policy. Simple engraving can be done in as little as a day and shipped immediately. Ideally, we like to allow for enough time for at least one stage of proofing to create a truly perfect work, but we can accommodate any needs you have, if necessary.

Not sure what would make the perfect commendation? Our trained specialists are happy to help. Call us for a free consultation. We answer every phone call personally and professionally. We’re always here for you, ready to help. Personalized service is what has made Gilson’s the source for professionally engraved executive awards since 1974.