The Importance of Design to an Employee of the Month Perpetual Plaque

With any employee of the month plaque, you’re representing your employees, but on a deeper level you are showcasing the success of your business and the hard work it takes to get there. It should first honor your employees while also bestowing class, professionalism and prestige to your business. Employee award ideas and opportunities should never be taken for granted. The more personalized and glamorous the recognition, the more appreciated and meaningful such acknowledgement is regarded.

Perpetual Design for Perpetual Growth

And of course, since an employee of the month perpetual plaque is naturally ongoing, it needs to be specially designed to have room to grow without looking sparse at the beginning of the year nor crowded at the end. The key to creating a fulfilling award plaque is to have a design that is customized, elegant and visually graceful so there is enough to hold attention from the very beginning. The unique corporate award design should also leave room for simple expansion so that growth as the year goes on is achieved elegantly.

It all comes down to design and quality. Gilson’s Executive Awards use only the highest quality materials. Our products feature the finest woods such as walnut, cherry, rosewood, and mahogany. Our partners include AT Cross, Bulova, Seiko, Waterford and Wilton Armetale.

The Art of Recognition

We believe that for employee recognition to be meaningful, an award should be high quality. We treat our executive awards like works of art, designed to be loved and valued for years to come. Your best employees deserve the very best. Show your appreciation with a high quality, personalized corporate award. It reflects well on them as well as the character of a business. That’s what corporate recognition should be all about.

Recognize and Celebrate the Uniqueness of Your Team and Mission

While a perpetual award plaque to recognize your best employees recognizes the individual, more importantly, it serves to unite the team and business as a whole and inspire others to greatness. This is more than just about the individual employee but the mission of a company as a whole. As such, it is about everybody in the company and serves to unite them under a single mission, a single banner. That’s why it is important that the award plaque be uniquely customized to showcase the culture and spirit of the company itself.

You can use custom engraving to include perhaps the persona of a beloved founder, a drawing of the business building, a corporate logo or an inspirational emblem of significance. You can include inspirational quotes and sayings, perhaps special dates or anniversaries significant to the corporation. Use this as an occasion to bring your team together and celebrate company culture. We can customize your employee of the month plaque to celebrate that uniqueness of spirit.

Celebrate Years of Service

Working in and out of the office, day after day, year after year, can get repetitive. Finding that groove at the workplace can be challenging and it’s definitely something to take into account. With patience comes success and years of service should definitely be celebrated. Not only does it make the employee feel good, it also boosts motivation for those who may be newer to the corporate world. From 5 to 10, 15 to 30 years of service, we help you celebrate those with highest regards in any corporate or non-profit office.