The Brilliance of Success: Time’s Reflection in an Engraved Crystal Clock

Time is more than just money, as Benjamin Franklin once famously stated. It’s life, essentially. Time may be infinite, but our containers only hold so much. That’s why it is of the essence throughout every work day, yet there never seems to be enough to go around.

So naturally keeping track of time can be an important part of the work day. And whenever we check on the time, we usually do so because we subconsciously realize we’re running out of hours, usually on a tight deadline or trying to make an important meeting.

Awards to Inspire Success

When given as an award, an engraved crystal clock can be a big boost to willpower. It says more than you are running out of time, but you’ve got this. Just look what you’ve been able to do with time in the past. offers a number of custom engraved clocks, including wood, crystal and other materials, that make great executive awards. We pride ourselves in designing awards that are of the highest quality. We use the finest materials and create works of art, truly fine timepieces that are designed to stand the test of time.

Reward your pieces with elegant awards that not only show your appreciation, but prove to your employees the success they’ve created with well used time in the past. There’s something about when the light catches crystal with an astonishing brilliance. It’s dazzling, remarkable, and a shining example of what can be achieved over time through the day by day struggle towards success.