The Brilliance of Success: Time’s Reflection in an Engraved Crystal Clock

The Brilliance of Success: Time’s Reflection in an Engraved Crystal Clock

Time is a precious commodity; the Greek philosopher Theophrastus called it “the most valuable thing a man can spend.” It’s also fleeting, and there never seems to be enough of it to accomplish all our goals. To quote an even greater philosopher, Dr. Seuss: “How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon.” We need to stay aware of those passing minutes and hours, or they’ll go to waste.

Awards to Inspire Success

Ann engraved crystal clock, given as a gift or award, can make keeping an eye on the time easier and, with its beautiful design, even enjoyable. .

ExecutiveAwards.com offers a number of custom engraved clocks, of wood, crystal and other materials, that make great executive awards. We pride ourselves in designing awards that are of the highest quality. We use the finest materials and create works of art, truly fine timepieces that are designed to stand the test of time.

These clocks will not only show your appreciation, but remind your employees of the success they’ve created with well-used time in the past. There’s something about the way light catches crystal with a flash of brilliance that’s remarkable -and a dazzling emblem of what can be achieved over time through the day-by-day journey towards success.

Perfect Quality on a Fast and Efficient Time Table

If time is short, do you want your engraved crystal clock now? Believe it or not, that’s practically a deadline we can work with. Although we prefer to allow at least one step in the proofing process to ensure absolute perfection, if you definitely need something immediately we can accommodate nearly any deadline. At Executive Awards by Gilson’s, we can do simple engraving in as little as a day and ship it out to you.

We have been doing this a long time, for over 40 years ever since our founder, Tony Gilson, opened his first store in Downtown Cincinnati in the Dixie Terminal Building in 1974. We have not only perfected a refined level of high quality you won’t find anywhere else in the market, we made the process so efficient you’ll be amazed at the speed the work can be done.

You will find the process fast, simple and immensely satisfying. That is the Gilson’s guarantee. We can deliver timeless pieces of art on a fast turnaround. We may not be an ecommerce shop, and this work does not just come straight out of the box, but we have perfected the process of creating a beautiful piece very quickly, even on what others might call an impossible timetable.