Impressive Perpetual Plaques that Evolve with Time

Success is always an ongoing venture. Recognizing it in one place, on a single perpetual plaque, needs to be done in a stylish and elegant way. At the beginning of the year or venture when only a few names are included, it needs to look full. Yet at the end, it also cannot look too crowded. That is why the plaque’s design is so important. It needs to encompass every step in the evolution of the year so the plaque can bestow a sense of success and prestige no matter how many names it contains.

Wide Selection of Styles

Gilson’s features a wide selection of perpetual designed plaques. Choose from rosewood and acrylic to piano finish, glass awards, crystal awards, or plaques that include photo displays. We can feature any number of names, whether large or small.

You can also customize the plaques with company logos, sayings, or symbols.

Each plaque is made of the finest high quality materials. We partner with some of the best companies in the industry, including Waterford, AT Cross, Seiko, Bulova and Wilton Armetale.

We treat these plaques like works of art, designed to stand the test of time. Most importantly, our plaques create an impression of prestige, honor and refinement, perfect for representing your business or organization. These plaques are memorable and impressive, perfect for the company board room or the executive office.

Gilson’s has been setting the industry standard since 1974 when our founder, Tony Gilson, opened his first store in Downtown Cincinnati in the Dixie Terminal Building. We feature state of the art engraving on the finest materials. We pride ourselves on a fast turn around time.

Give us a call. We’d be happy to help and suggest ideas and approaches for the perfect plaque.